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  1. Plantsman89's Plants

    A couple of photos from inside the greenhouse taken this afternoon after moving things around yesterday.
  2. I do believe his next open day is 14th October but don't quote me on that lol. If you want contact him (probably best to confirm the date lol) go through 'Shropshire Sarracenias' on Facebook
  3. Mike King holds the national collection of Sarracenia, he has a couple of open days a year, I've not been to one of his yet so I'm planning to go in his next one in October, as far as I'm aware he's open to visitors as long as you phone ahead to make sure lol. Matt Soper of Hampshire Carnivorous Plants holds one open day a year, I've been on an open day and also visited when I was in the area, again making sure it was OK lol, (Marwell Zoo is just up the road and well worth a visit to make a trip of it lol). I've also been to P&J Plants just outside Hereford they did also hold the National Collection of Sarracenia and a lot of Adrian Slack's original stock but since scaled back.
  4. I've said that many times but I always find something whether it be from a specialist nursery or eBay lol. Next stop Mike King's open day lol
  5. You've a nice collection there It doesn't get any less addictive that's for sure
  6. Help! pitcher going brown?

    Nothing to worry about, it looks like it's had its fill of flies. Once the pitchers get full they start to decay like that.
  7. Plantsman89's Greenhouse

    I've had a bit of a move around in the greenhouse this afternoon and trimmed back the S. oreophila as they start to lose their pitchers.
  8. My new plants I've just ordered

    Good looking plants there
  9. Moorei hood looks folded...

    Nothing to worry about, every now and then you get a deformity like that.
  10. He'll definitely be getting more custom from me that's for sure
  11. L-R S. flava forma. viridescens nr Shallotte, Brunswick Co NC, S. flava var maxima (wavy lid) and S. flava var rugelli. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the S. flava forma. viridescens and the S. flava var maxima. I was expecting them to be smaller. I'll definitely be buying more from there in the future.
  12. You've got some great looking Drosera there.
  13. Plantsman89's Plants

    N. ampullaria Orange Tayeve, Irian Jaya
  14. Plantsman89's Plants

    S cv 'Bella' S. alata var rubrioperculata White's Crossing MS, my favourite S. alata in the collection Two of the tallest Sarracenia in my collection, S. flava var flava cv Maxima (Slack's Maxima) and S x Moorei 'Marston Clone' S x Moorei 'Marston Clone' is looking absolutely stunning this year
  15. This is my 12' greenhouse, the photos where taken on moving in day earlier in the year. I have another 8' section to be added at some point A recent photo of inside Not just the plants that'll bite!