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  1. Westland peat moss

    Handy tip that's where I bought mine from. Good to know it's coming back into stock too.
  2. Plantsman89's Plants

    Yay! I have a S. rubra ssp rubra sending out new pitchers already.
  3. Plantsman89's Plants

    Hi Dean, thank you. I do spend a lot of time in there, especially these last few weekends dividing and repotting. I can't wait to see everything in full growth again! Nepenthes rajah, Gunung Kinabalu S x Areolata showing a flower bud S. leucophylla var alba with a developing flower bud N. glabrata
  4. Plantsman89's Plants

    S. flava f. viridescens Near Shallotte, Brunswick Co NC clinging on to it's last pitcher.
  5. Plantsman89's Plants

    The last S. leucophylla var leucophylla holding on to a decent pitcher.
  6. Plantsman89's Plants

    Thank you Sadly not, it's looking a little poorly after entrusting watering duties and care to a someone else whilst I was on holiday and it's only just starting to pick up.
  7. Plantsman89's Plants

    The newest pitcher on my N. hamata, I love the colours on these when they open.
  8. Plantsman89's Plants

    A close-up of the peristome of N. hamata
  9. Plantsman89's Plants

    Dr. Andreas Wistuba of Wistuba Exotics, he has four or five clones of N. hamata if I recall.
  10. Plantsman89's Plants

    My favourite Nepenthes in my collection, N. hamata Any help with identifying what AW clone this is would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Plantsman89's Plants

    The S. leucophylla have been moved to the warmer end of the greenhouse and are still putting on a show
  12. Plantsman89's Plants

    The newest and biggest pitcher on my N. copelandii
  13. Plantsman89's Plants

  14. Plantsman89's Plants

    MK-L34 MK-L110c PW-L30 MK-L9 MK-L12a MK-L46a MK-RA5 MK-RG9 MK-A61a
  15. My first was a S. purpurea ssp venosa from a local garden centre and if I had to pick a favorite now it would have to be N. hamata.