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  1. Plantsman89's Plants

    Dr. Andreas Wistuba of Wistuba Exotics, he has four or five clones of N. hamata if I recall.
  2. Plantsman89's Plants

    My favourite Nepenthes in my collection, N. hamata Any help with identifying what AW clone this is would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Plantsman89's Plants

    The S. leucophylla have been moved to the warmer end of the greenhouse and are still putting on a show
  4. Plantsman89's Plants

    The newest and biggest pitcher on my N. copelandii
  5. Plantsman89's Plants

  6. Plantsman89's Plants

    MK-L34 MK-L110c PW-L30 MK-L9 MK-L12a MK-L46a MK-RA5 MK-RG9 MK-A61a
  7. My first was a S. purpurea ssp venosa from a local garden centre and if I had to pick a favorite now it would have to be N. hamata.
  8. Plantsman89's Plants

    N. maxima upper pitcher with a bit more colour S. leucophylla var leucophylla Gas Station Site, Perdido AL S. rubra ssp alabamensis S. alata var alata Highway 15 MS S. leucophylla var leucophylla Green and white Milton FL S. leucophylla var leucophylla S. leucophylla var leucophylla Purple veins S. leucophylla var leucophylla Red Lip S. leucophylla var leucophylla cv Tarnok
  9. Plantsman89's Plants

    The first pitcher on one very young and very beautiful Nepenthes pulchra N. maxima upper pitcher
  10. October in the greenhouse

    You've some stunning plants there
  11. Plantsman89's Plants

    I have two terarriums currently; one set up for lowland with heat lamps and a heat mat in the base and the other is set up with just fluorescent lights to minimise heat build up. Both of them share two T5 'plant pro' fluorescent lights and a fogger. I must admit there's nothing special about them but the Nepenthes seem to be quite happy these last couple of years. Only trouble is a couple of them are starting to get quite big and vine so I'll be changing to a grow tent at some point.
  12. Where there's muck there's brass?

    It's amazing what people try to sell. I saw that listing this morning and had to chuckle.
  13. False Widow spiders

    I must say the variation in colour and markings has surprised me but there's definitely no mistaking them.
  14. Plantsman89's Plants

    N. ampullaria doing it's thing
  15. Plantsman89's Plants

    The first of the autumn pitchers: S. leucophylla var leucophylla Pubescent, Perdido AL S. leucophylla var leucophylla Green and white Milton FL S. leucophylla var leucophylla Green and white Ben's Bog, Perdido AL S. rubra ssp alabamensis 'tall form' A rather nice surprise from one of my S. oreophila var ornata