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  1. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    Hello Stephen, I doubt it is a mite problem because i repotted the plant and non of my plants ever had a mite problem. Im not sure if it went dormant because the leaves i can still see dews... I only have one of this species, i cant throw it away XD
  2. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    Any pinguicula experts to help? XD
  3. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    Hello, its been over a month and i just checked on the plant, it looked so weird, like it has split into 2 growth points? But its still shut and i just repotted it again into equal parts of vermiculite, peat, perlite, volcanic sand, volcanic rock and crushed coral. Heres the picture, sorry bout the blurry image. https://imgur.com/a/V4EB5
  4. First plant ive gotten was a vft, favourite is definitely d.falconeri which i do own now
  5. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    Hello Gaz, Thanks for your replies, will definitely update on the plant, right now its just a round ball and its older leaves are drying up.
  6. Pinguicula neo-volcanica

    wow, 35 years?! Thats crazy!
  7. Pinguicula neo-volcanica

    Very nice pinguiculas, what medium are they grown on? I also noticed the very very short tray for the plants XD. Thanks for posting.
  8. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    Hmm..i dont think so, because it was living in the same medium and i do not use chemicals or anything on my plants, only when i saw it stopped growing i repotted it but it still doesnt grow.. Thanks for your reply.
  9. Unidentifiaed sarracenia flava hybrid

    Ahhh i see, im sorry for providing wrong info XD
  10. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    Here is the progress of when i first obtained the plant, in the course of around 2 month of growth, it put out new leaves probably every 3 days or so, now its just one round ball and refuses to grow XD, Last link is the latest picture of the plant. You can see the plant's older leaves are drying up, and the plant basically turned stiff and its leaves are all bent...No idea whats going on. https://imgur.com/a/7bv3Y https://imgur.com/a/MihpA https://imgur.com/a/RY4NP https://imgur.com/a/gwUhb
  11. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    Ive posted a picture, any inputs? XD
  12. Cephalotus follicularis And Hummers Giant

    Cephalotus in general do not like sitting in water and enjoy water consistently passing through their roots, like what CephFan has said, i would suggest you try to not let it sit on water and also try not to pour water over the plant as it may cause the plant to rot.
  13. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    The plant has basically stayed like this for a month or so...I am still giving it the same condition and watering and also fed the plant but nothing works.
  14. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    Hello, sorry for the late reply and thanks for the help, heres the link https://imgur.com/a/HRIQW
  15. Hello, just an update, i have received all my plants. Plants arrived in about 5-6days using ems and were all nice and healthy and all the plants had 2 or more! Though David promised to give me some other plants for free, i did not receive them but instead i got other pinguiculas, which is also very nice. I am very satisfied with my order, but only problem is that when i just placed my order, communication was really poor as he has to take over a week and sometimes a month to reply, only recently David started replying within hours. Great website if your looking for exotic plants but be wary that you may have to wait a long time before receiving them. I would rate carnivoria 4 out of 5 stars because i received so much more then expected and plants were all healthy upon arrival, very dead leaves despite me living in a region 10000km away from Czech Republic. Not a 5 because it took over 3-4 months for my plants to arrive and he took a loooong time to reply when i just placed my order. Would recommend Carnivoria if you have the patience, but judging from the above reply, your plants might arrive much faster then mine.