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  1. Hello..did you get your consignment via registered mail or express mail svc? After hearing about how awful your plants arrive, i think its safer for me to request for a ems...But i have someone that i know requested for ems and cost 45 and got registered mail instead from david == thats ridiculous.
  2. Oh i see..im keeping mine in a pot wrap then covered with saran wrap but it does get pretty hot when covered though..and also i repotted the plant 3times already in sphagnum moss perlite mix. I'll try to grow it closer to the light though, its currently getting little light. Thanks for the help too!
  3. nice...what is the humidity range you are keeping yours at? The plant isnt dying but it isnt doing much too...Im not sure if its because of the lighting. Does it like a lot of light or prefer less light? I placed the plant at a area where only one led light is shining at it.
  4. This species is by far the stickiest ping i have ever kept :0 its leafs are so dewy and when i touch it, it always streches really far, this species also can catch pretty large prey items
  5. Hi, no one is growing these plants?.. Mind sharing your experiences with these two plants too! I also wonder if it is possible to grow them in warmer conditions of 28-30 degree celsius.
  6. Any idea how do i keep the temperature low and also a higher humidity? The drosera andromeda i realised has received too much lighed from my 32 watt led so i moved it away from the light as well as my d. prolifera.
  7. Hello, i am currently growing d. andromeda and prolifera. I know they like high humidity and cooler temperature. But it is hard to achieve both conditions at the same time...The plants are currently being kept in a bag for higher humidity but the problem is that the bag also makes the temperature warm for them...The temperature of my country during the day varies from28 to 32 during the day and humidity is usually over 70%. During the night the temperature drops to around 25-21 degree celcius as i have my air-conditioner. I can only upload a picture of d. andromeda as it doesnt allow me to upload anymore pictures...
  8. Hello, after 3weeks David finally replied to my email on the comfirmation of my consignment...but now i would have to wait another 20-30days for the CITES that i requested,.This entire procedure probably will take over 3month.
  9. I hope you do, he really needs to stop taking people's money for nothing, your not the first i've seen with this issue, he needs to start replying and evading our emails -.-
  10. okay, thanks
  11. May i know what medium i should use for it? Does it grow well in full dried spaghnum? Right now its in a medium of vermiculite, volcanic sand, egg shells, peat and perlite...i just randomly added all of them and the plant isnt growing fast
  12. I am growing it in Singapore and it does fine under led white light. The temperature here during the day is around 30 to 28 and night drops to 22 degree celcius
  13. Since this is actually the first time i ordered online, i am not sure i should be patient or nervous... I actually sent another order to see if he would reply and he did but nothing regarding the previous emails, only the about the order i just made, i guess i should be more patient, but he hasnt replied to my previous mails for 2weeks already.
  14. Well i guess there are ups and downs to it, here i can barely grow drosera prolifera due to the heat...
  15. I think the trick to growing them is to keep the humidity ^ 70% and the temperatures above 30 degree celsius and lots of light. Since my country is summer all year long, the petiolaris complex sundews is one of the easiest for me to grow right now XD.