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  1. Some nepenthes

    It is a hybrid between n.ventricosa and ampullaria
  2. Hardy sp in unheated greeenhouse

    Pinguicula primuliflora can stand quite a lot of heat. Many of the complex petiaris sundews can stand a lot of heat and love a lot of light as well.
  3. Deep/small growth point

    Hello, i have a couple of vfts and they grow slow...I noticed it is because their growing point is so small...The plant itself is growing but the growth point appears to be really small and hidden beneath all the light and medium. Does anyone have any idea why some vfts have this problem? My plants are now growing kinda slow so i try to uproot the plant and bring their growth point to the top but it is still very small and covered by the leaf
  4. Dionaea summer problems.

    My area temperatures also soars about 30 degree celcius, i grow them in dried sphagnum moss with great success, perhaps if u have dried sphagnum try potting them up in it and see if theres any help
  5. Please Help, my drosera is dying

    Based on the pic i would say a lack of humidity. Try increasing the temperature and put the plant in box or something with some holes on the top
  6. pinguicula accuminata care

    Thanks for the replies, i already bought powdered caco3 and gypsum from my local nursery but it was too late for my ping.gypsicola and accuminata, i made the fatal mistake of adding powdered lime... T_T
  7. pinguicula accuminata care

    Wasnt aware of that, i thought it was calcium carbonate in powdered form :V
  8. Nepenthes leaf decay

    keep temperatures above 25 degree celcius and humidity above 80%, they should grow and pitcher nicely. Low temperatures and humidity will cause the lowlanders to shrivel up
  9. Sphangnum peat vs sphagnum moss

    Sorry maybe because english is not my mother tongue, i was curious which medium the dionaea grows faster and likes i dont really get all replies above Also, i live in the tropics so my growing condition is totally different from countries who experience the 4 seasons. I do not give my plants dormancy and if they decide to go dormant, i leave them as it is and they return after a few months in temperatures of 25-33 degree celcius
  10. Sphangnum peat vs sphagnum moss

    I see, but i find it rather peculiar that many are still growing dionaeas in pieat mixes rather than sphagnum. I myself have a lot success growing them in just dried sphagnum though i cant really comment much in growing them from peat. However i have a friend who tried growing them in peat/sand mixes and it did not end will for her i think the sandy soil will only compress much easily if it is always left dry, with constant overhead water im sure it wouldnt compress
  11. Sphangnum peat vs sphagnum moss

    Why do you say that?
  12. Sphangnum peat vs sphagnum moss

    Yes it does seem like a really dense, perhaps it crushed your dionaea? Thats why i like using perlite as its very airy and even outs the heavy peat
  13. Sphangnum peat vs sphagnum moss

    I am aware people grow dionaeas in peat mixes but i wonder if there is anyone here who experimented 2 dionaeas under same conditon but one with peat and another sphagnum moss. Could one dionaea grow faster?
  14. I only grow my dionaeas in dried sphagnum moss, i have not grown them in a peat mix yet. Just wondering which medium does the dionaea like more? Edit : Which mix does the dionaea grows faster in? I know they grow in peat mixes and sphagnum. I wonder which medium does the dionaea grows faster...
  15. My drosera lanata grew 4 different heads So i decided to divide the drosera lanata. At first i was slightly confused as the growth points were all tightly held to the main plant but i just went ahead and used a ton of force to pull them apart. When doing so, i realised i was crashing the plant with my hand so i decided to to use a razor knife. I put the knife inbetween the growth point and began working and slowly slicing off the growth point, it came off. After i divided them, honestly, i felt ominous as the plant i divided before died due to lack of sun and the increased stressed i put on it. However the plants all managed to survive and i ended up with even more divisions Here is the link right after i divided the plants. https://imgur.com/a/jfct4 They certainly did not look happy at all but i was not worried as they still looked stable and i was sure they stop sulking in a few days. Months after i divided them, they did not hesitate to grow even more growth points for me. https://imgur.com/a/KbIgU I will probably end up with 11 plants if i divide them again. Hope more people grow and propagate this beautiful genus of plants!