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  1. Hardiness of Dionaea

    Hi Alexis, thanks for your input (~8 I'm a couple of floors up in a fairly built up area, so I reckon the temp was several degrees less down on the ground. Going by the data from their native habitat, I think the VFTs can take the low temperatures because they are in the ground so their subterranean parts are more protected. One time in a suburban spot in Garston, I watched the temperature drop from -1°C to -10°C in the half hour just after sunrise.
  2. Hardiness of Dionaea

    Just before sunrise this morning, top line...
  3. It looks like fungus mycelium, although it would be easier to tell closer up. I have it growing on my sphagnum indoors where the light is low, I don't worry about it (~8
  4. Hardiness of Dionaea

    My VFTs today!.... https://photos.app.goo.gl/CyYSB9Xb9h4dGTJw2
  5. Sand, UK

    I think really the thing to do is test it before use. It's pretty easy to do. I used battery electrolyte.
  6. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    It makes you wonder,.... if you buy an Adiantum, it always seems to be in acidic compost (although I haven't tested them). As for the chunks of limestone, it is a work of art for me. Any opportunity or excuse to grow things on rocks or wood or bark or..... anything aesthetic, and I grab it. Just finished planting 2 sets of 3 Platycerium bifurcatums in hanging half-coconut shells. I've always imagined Adiantums naturally growing on humus.
  7. N. ventricosa x (maxima x talangensis)

    I have no idea why this hybrid does so well in my flat, does it just do well for everyone indoors? Out of 12 different Nepenthes, this one is simply the most consistently happy (~8... https://photos.app.goo.gl/yIqksO3ukUBizlM22 https://photos.app.goo.gl/ytrbTuo1tibl3AKn2
  8. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    That's amazing! Thank you Manders It actually states that A. peruvianum is found on limestone 5 times! Why don't we know about these things??? How did you find that article? How does this impact on what we are told about South American cacti, that they prefer acid to neutral conditions? (I found one article saying that Trichocereus needs limestone in its soil, although I'm not sure of the diligence of the author.)
  9. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    Hi John, Welcome to the forum Ferns are awesome! I've got a 7 foot Dicksonia antarctica in my flat, amongst others. Here's the A. peruvianum freshly repotted into leafmould and tufa... https://photos.app.goo.gl/wYTNjf9tMDn6zRh82
  10. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    Adiantum growing on tufa with leafmould infill, together with Nepenthes northiana... https://photos.app.goo.gl/2jxRFm1bHxglsv1E3 Adiantum growing on tufa with leafmould infill, together with Nepenthes campanulata... https://photos.app.goo.gl/7C6h7ZZ3NnI3kVPA2
  11. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    Wow! That's amazing! It certainly looks like limestone! There is so little info on the web about this species. Thank you for finding that (~8. Mine is so ill that it seems to scream that it needs something totally different, so I'll risk a total change to tufa. I've presently got many Adiantums germinating and growing on my tufa mounds where I'm growing Nepenthes campanulata and northiana! (I'll post some pics)
  12. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    Thanks Manders. I can find that limestone is present in Peru by googling "limestone peru", but very, very little info about where it is actually present. Even geological maps don't tell you, they just state the age of the rock and not much more. I've still got some tufa, so tomorrow I'll try moving it onto it.
  13. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    Hi Manders, I have not read that anywhere, after all it comes from peru which, as far as I know, is not a place of limey rocks. Have you got a link to the info?
  14. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    It's giving off a lily scent again, but still not growing. I have no idea how to make it happier? Do you think it is a bit quirky and wants limey conditions?
  15. Forcing Nepenthes to pitcher?

    You might be right Jonathan, especially at this time of year. It's positioned so it gets sun starting about 2pm GMT, but we need sun in the first place! When I first got it from a greenhouse that was not especially sunny it had many pitchers. These 2 new ones are quite a bit bigger than the earlier ones.