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  1. Granite Grit

    What was the size of the particles?
  2. Granite Grit

    I have never seen granite grit for sale anywhere, all the stuff I have seen is either quartzite or flint. I've been in touch with Kelkay, and although I am yet to receive the specific technical info, it seems that yes, officially an amount of lime is allowed in sand and it can still be called lime-free. Out of all the sharp sands I have tested with acid, Kelkay RHS lime-free grit sand fizzes the most! Very surprisingly, the best sharp sand I have found is Diall from B&Q. It almost completely does not fizz, and has a very, very low content of superfine material ..... Sand, UK.
  3. It makes a lot of sense - I didn't see a trace of webbing, and my flat is very humid, I couldn't understand how true red spider mite would be happy here. The chap at Green Gardener said he had been running the business for many many years and he had never heard of flat mites! And he thought they must be a problem in only far distant countries! It's amazing how you can be involved in a subject for such a long time, and after a certain point stop learning! May that never happen to any of us! Thank you Ali Baba
  4. Hey Ali Baba, Have I by any chance encountered you on one bcss forum??
  5. Ok..... and do you know if we have the flat mite, Brevipalpus, here in the UK? I was starting to imagine these beasties look more like that than the regular red spider mite. Also, I didn't see any web on the plant. In the end, I have ordered this... https://www.greengardener.co.uk/shop/pest-control-underglass/amblyseius-andersonii.html
  6. Soil moisture meter holes

    It's very hard to say. Worms burrowing and ants can leave open tubes in soil, to its benefit. It probably doesn't matter if you leave the hole open, it might even be better, allowing air and water in. More poking about in the hole might cause unnecessary root damage..... If it's mainly organic matter and the pot itself is very light, you can usually tell by just lifting the pot - if it feels on the light side it needs watering.
  7. Soil moisture meter holes

    Hi Phil, good to see you back again I think they key here is moderation. Also, you can't leave it in the soil because the tip will corrode and gradually disappear..... Karsty
  8. Hi garden of Eden, Thanks for that. However, the active ingredient in Provado Ultimate Bug Killer 2 is thiacloprid, and they claim it kills red spider more on contact and systemically...... Not true?
  9. This is what I did to it...
  10. This is the hapless little Nepenthes sanguinea... And no surprise about how they look under a magnifier (I know they are not good images, but the best I could get with the doodars I have!) https://photos.app.goo.gl/kjJvzKUUn1SM4SP73 I'm going to throw this plant out - I'm tempted to burn them up with a blow torch - and then dispatch the rest of them with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer 2.
  11. Westland peat moss

    No worries Oddworld. I am also in an Odd World
  12. Some nepenthes

    Really looks like Bloody Mary to me. Definitely not Suki!
  13. Aliens and there plants

    Has someone maybe been eating Trichocereus pachanoi?
  14. Aliens and there plants

    Has someone maybe been eating Trichocereus pachanoi?