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  1. Second batch of pitchers in N. ?ventricosa

    Hey Tropicat , So you really have a 10C difference between day and night temperatures on your windowsill? That's a lot! I tried growing a Nepenthes rajah in my flat for the last 18 months, and it never seemed to get happy. I would often put it outside at night inside a fish tank terrarium. In the end I sold it on to visee who has a greenhouse with highland conditions. Can you post photos of your rajah? I'm sure we would all be fascinated! Karsty.
  2. Last chance saloon!

    Ah yes, sorry for a spasm of laziness! I also hate using my RO unit. Most of the time I can take rainwater from my parents' water butts, or from a local downpipe. I just have to think of it as using water to wash water.
  3. Last chance saloon!

    I don't know what the dissolved solids tolerance for VFTs is. But it's worth bringing into consideration what the rain flows through or over before going into your water butt? The dissolved solids coming out of my RO unit is 5ppm! What is the pH of your rainwater? Of the water coming out of the pots? You can easily measure this with bits of this kind of thing - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/80-pH-1-14-Universal-Full-Range-Litmus-Test-Paper-Strips-Tester-Indicator-Urine/401352771909?epid=1662970780&hash=item5d727d4945:g:KkEAAOSwGGlaotaG What is the right kind of ppm for VFTs?
  4. My venus wont close :/

    I have no idea. It started on a small Nepenthes "sanguinea" (from Holland by the looks of it). I did a bit or research and it does seem to be a low-lying pest in this country. The signs were there - there appeared in high humidity (75%), did not produce any web, and they multiplied slowly. They also looked like Brevipalpus under a magnifier. I bought a colony pack of Ambyselius to eat them away about a month ago, but so far it has not worked.
  5. My venus wont close :/

    I kept one of mine indoors at room temperatures for the winter. The traps it grew from last autumn till now do not respond to being triggered. And it has recently had an attack of Brevipalpus mites..... Well, that's another issue "rolling eyes emoji"
  6. Last chance saloon!

    Here's a thought Blocky - why not just flush the pots through with good water for a long time, to wash out whatever shouldn't be there?......
  7. Suitability of sand

    I'd also be interested to know! There's so much information to be gathered about this. My best input is it probably would be fine for Pinguiculas...........
  8. Second batch of pitchers in N. ?ventricosa

    Some people say they get loads of pitchers. I don't know why mine doesn't. You might just be lucky and get them soon!
  9. Second batch of pitchers in N. ?ventricosa

    I've got one of these, I've had it for nearly 2 years, It keeps growing but has only produced 2 pitchers, and they didn't last long. After a year it started to branch from the base by itself. I've got a couple of other hybrids which are much more generous with pitcher production, I'm just keeping this one watered, no feesding, on the understanding it will produce pitchers out of a need to be fed. It's known as Ventrata, supposedly one of the easiest to grow. Yes it is, but it doesn't produce any *^&$%> pitchers!
  10. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    I don't know, I'm still not having a lot of luck with mine. The best one is growing new fronds, but they are still starting to go brown at the edges and in streaks. Not dry, just brown. But eventually dry.

    Hi David, Things have changed again. I had an informal MOT type check done on the van by someone who actually does MOTs. I was somewhat perplexed when he told me the van would only fail on something like a missing bulb. He had also been a mechanic for many years, and he said the van wasn't too bad for a 10 year old van. I don't care what happens about this, I just want it to be right. I was compelled to listen to this person (This week I should also have a friend take a look at it who used to be vehicle inspector for the police). So in the end I accepted the van. But I am going to see if I can claim from the dealer for some repairs I had to have done, and for wasted time that resulted from his complete unhelpfulness and lack of after sales service.
  12. Macro pIcture of a sporophyte

    Hey Folks, I found this this morning...... Informative about the power of a vortex ring!......
  13. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    Hey Manders, Those serrations on the leaf edges don't look like typical peruvianum??
  14. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    Yeah, I'm sure he means raddianum! peruvianum is certainly not a common houseplant available at garden centres!
  15. Red spots on Campanulata leaves

    It's impossible for me to be sure because I am not experienced enough. But 20cm from the light seems too close....? Mine is 140cm from a 45W LED 6000K spotlight, beam angle about 30°. Temperatures have only ever gone down to about 19°C minimum at night, and 22-32°C in the day depending on the time of year. And it gets some indirect natural light. This is a really lovely blog to give guidance - http://carnivorousockhom.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/nepenthes-campanulata-in-situ.html