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  1. Ok, well here goes then.... They are currently soaking gibberellic acid, which I tried to get to 350ppm, but I couldn't get it all to dissolve properly. I had to use about 10ml of isopropanol to try to dissolve 0.2g of gibberellic acid, and even though I warmed it up it didn't all dissolve, and I was afraid to add any more in case it harmed the seeds. Then this all went into about 650ml water, with just a tiny hint of Ecover washing up liquid. I'd never seen D. macrantha seeds before, and thought for a moment I had been given some small organic debris instead. How on earth is there enough food in those seeds to feed the plants till they can catch their own??
  2. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    Mine stopped smelling like lilies a while ago. Now it smells just fresh and "green" (~8
  3. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    It only got worse, so I sent a photo to the RHS as I am a member I can ask them about plant issues. They said it was almost certainly a cultural problem. The only thing I could make out of it was the compost must be wrong, which was half coir and half leafmould. So I took it out of its pot, and it had lost roots. I repotted it into half moss peat, half perlite, into a taller pot. https://photos.app.goo.gl/p1mktiJ1R1l7eu9f2 We shall see....
  4. I am prepared to be blasted down in flames, but after a lot of amateur research on how to measure soil or water pH, and seeing a lot of unsatisfactory reviews for the products, and seeing the complications involved, I ended up using Johnson's Universal Indicator Paper, a pair of scissors, a pair of tweezers, deionised water for car batteries, and good hygiene and a bit of practical sense. The results have seemed perfectly adequate.
  5. Forcing Nepenthes to pitcher?

    Well, it's either coincidence or it worked. Here is the biggest pitcher now... https://photos.app.goo.gl/W0vx8qTvBMtqYxKr2 And the second one, a fraction smaller... https://photos.app.goo.gl/GOqS9DUjuWMfswtz1 In the process, it has lost quite a few older leaves, here you can see 3 of them in the yellow stage... https://photos.app.goo.gl/yFGTVqsmgkopK6jE2
  6. Giraffe's Knees flowering

    Hi Chris, I think you mean leaflets, right?
  7. Giraffe's Knees flowering

    Love it! Zamioculcas get those bulges on the leaf stems, I've often thought they were trying to form tubers within them. Would that make any sense? I've tried cutting just below them and using them for propagation. Still too early to say if it works.
  8. Pinguicula in habitat

    Hi Pinguiculophiles! I just stumbled across this, which I think you will find very interesting... Postcard from Mexico No. 18 Hang on, here's loads more... Mexican field trips Ans here's the portal to a Pinguicula Universe... http://www.pinguicula.org/
  9. Platycerium from spores

    Let's hope all things are equal! By the way, the really handy thing about the compost I used is that once you've given it a thorough watering, it clings together in one lump really well, so turning the pots on their side is no problem at all.
  10. Aristolochia

    Hey Richard, thanks for this! I'm a gardener and always on the lookout for new and interesting plants to grow, and this Aristolochia sempervirens looks very much worth a try
  11. Platycerium from spores

    Hi Ali, I sowed them on 8th September. Onto "New Horizon Peat-free and organic multi-purpose compost". The day before I first cleaned the pots and sterilised them with boiling water. Then put the compost in the pots, then ran boiling water through them and immediately covered them individually with cling-film. Then sowed the spores the next day.
  12. Platycerium from spores

    Here's a couple of slightly better pics, taken from above. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3kvGDeddFN4BJO9O2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/YZx1oDAD8BExWczX2 P. veitchii and P. wandae are now also starting to show green spots!
  13. Hi Folks, I've ended up with 10 seeds of Drosera macrantha aff. ssp. eremaea. I've had a search on the forum for info about growing them, and on the internet. So I know the information is fairly well available. I was just wondering if any of you have any personal experiences with this, or almost this, variety, maybe you can add some special points for greater success? (I have questions like, how sandy should the mix be? Should I use gibberellic acid? Will they be ok at room temperatures through the winter, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum) Or any internet links to particularly good information that you know of? Manifold thanks!
  14. Platycerium from spores

    I was amazed, a few days ago I noticed spores were germinating! So far, just P. alcicorne 'Vassei', P. grande, and P. ridleyi. This is a photo of ridleyi, bit difficult to show anything, but you can see green through the cling film. I have these 3 pots lying on their sides now to give them a good orientation from the start. I can see I have sown far, far too many spores! https://photos.app.goo.gl/MiekRQ4rhGxNZpIs2 I know, the photo is bad!
  15. My latest creation...

    I'll be back!