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  1. MR.Carnivorous

    Stylidium irenae, Stylidium caespitosum

    Does nobody know anything ?
  2. MR.Carnivorous

    Dans darlingtonia

    They look very good, Dan. How do you cultivate them ?
  3. Hello, Have anybody Stylidium caespitosum or S.irenae in cultivation ? I need some tipps please.Need they a cold hibernation ? Can I cultivate them like Stylidium debile? I would be happy about Information. Thanks in advance, MR.Carnivorous
  4. MR.Carnivorous

    Hello from Germany

    Hello, my Name is MR.Carnivorous and I am from Germany. I'm 13 years old and I'll try to train my English. I'm VERY interested of Trigger Plants but I don't found much of Information on the Internet. I hope that we can interchange much Information. Please have patience with me because my English is not so good. Much greetings from Germany