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  1. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    Interested in seeing a picture of your Welwitschia (unless I missed it on the pictures you've already posted). I tried growing some last year, but only got one seed to sprout, and then managed to kill the seedling by locking it in a much too humid jar in full sun. I still have some seeds left, so I think I'll give it another try soonish. Do you have any germination and general growing tips? Nicely decorated studio, btw, it's as if you're right in the middle of a forest.
  2. CPUK Forum Error when accessing page

    Unfortunately the site was still/again completely inaccessible all day today. Hope it can be solved soon!
  3. Why do pinguicula leaves curl at the edges?

    I read something once that it keeps the caught gnats from walking onto the non-sticky side of the leaf to escape. It does seem like they can trawl across the whole leaf, but still end up stuck at the edges. That said, if they walk to the other side, they can just crawl onto the bottom of the next leaf, so I'm not sure how much weight can be given to this explanation.
  4. Has anyone bought one of these off amazon before??

    You don't need to repot Pinguicula unless you just want to put them in a nicer looking pot, they don't care and their roots don't grow beyond the 2cm mark. They don't need distilled water, tap water will do fine. A little bit of water every 2-3 weeks will suffice to keep them healthy, more is unnecessary. In winter they get tiny succulent leaves, so need less water still. They flower profusely, and I'm pretty sure the amount of flowers is an indication of the amount of growth points (that will become visible in a matter of weeks). Very easy to take care of, they're basically regular house plants with greasy leaves.
  5. Help! pitcher going brown?

    They'll take (and should get) any and all sun they can get - there aren't too many plants that don't like full sun, and Darlingtonia certainly isn't one of them.
  6. If they're outdoors, they should be catching more than enough on their own anyway.
  7. Nepenthes rajah seed germination

    The problem is that you could have paid a scammer too much money for something you won't know is wrong till it's far too late (unless the seeds are obviously not Nepenthes) and you can no longer get your money back or leave a bad review, thereby both getting ripped off and supporting these practices. That said I must have missed the part where you wrote that you got them on eBay.
  8. £325 - a new record?

    A fool and his money are soon parted!
  9. Hold the crown with your fingers, turn the vase upside down, and shake it loose. It should be outdoors, too. Heliamphora are more suited to growing on a windowsill as they don't need to go dormant in winter, and the vase would actually be a good pot for them.
  10. River water with Sarras.?

    None of the TDS stuff really matters if you only resort to high TDS water in a pinch. Doing so consistently over a longer period of time is what does these plants in as the minerals in the soil pile up and become too much for the plants to handle. Either way, the TDS of the river water could be all over the place, so it might as well be tap water (or your tap water might even come straight from the river). You could get demineralised water at (nearly) any grocery store real cheap, though.
  11. That is insane. If possible, I would add a copy of that email to your communications with PayPal, so they can see for themselves that he is trying to do shady stuff behind their backs. It sounds very much like something that would get his account, including all funds, permanently frozen.
  12. Nepenthes rajah seed germination

    Spread the seeds on soil, keep them moist and warm, and wait. It can take a long time for them to germinate, and it will take a very long time for them to grow into adult plants.
  13. Great, PayPal just replied and said I have to 'return the object' to get my money back. There's no way to respond that this is impossible: these are live plants, they could have been infected with a disease in my care so sending them back would mean infecting Carnivoria's entire collection. They didn't even mention the plant I didn't receive, how am I supposed to send that one back? Pretty disappointed in PayPal here. I'll try and look for a solution. I hope you'll get your money back no questions asked, GRB. Edit: the only way I could find to send any information was by submitting an empty tracking code, and writing my concerns in the Notes box, so that's what I did. I hope they won't think I'm just trying to mess around. I could live with not receiving a refund for the living plants if I don't return them, but the dead and by now composted plants, and especially the one never sent...
  14. Cleaning off the dust?

    The rain won't be a problem. A wet paintbrush could probably also do the trick. Either way, the plant will have to lose its dew for a day. Pinguicula, just like any other plant, do receive rainfall in nature.
  15. Not to mention that way the bottom parts of the moss don't rot. The rotting doesn't really affect the growth of the moss (it's what happens in nature as well), the smell of sulfur is just not very nice.