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  1. M. "millennium magic witchcraft"

    Very nice. I've been wanting to get one of these, or the Fredclarkeara 'After Dark', but they're usually quite expensive.
  2. Macro pIcture of a sporophyte

    Now, to gather billions of sporophytes and blast them away with one of those cannons... I'm sure they'd appreciate the help.
  3. Tips on caring?

    Be careful throwing caterpillars inside the pitchers, if they're still alive they can eat their way out and cause a lot of damage. You can put the plant outside like most houseplants as soon as it's getting reasonably warm (so around this time), but you don't really have to.
  4. My venus wont close :/

    It's possible all of these leaves are from before it went in hibernation, so none of them will be functional anymore and you'll have to wait a bit longer for new leaves. It seems like there are already some new leaves but they're deformed, is it getting enough light and water? Are there any aphids on the leaves? Also, keep in mind that you should really only feed a Dionaea with live insects. The hairs on the insides of the leaves need to be triggered multiple times when the leaf's already closed for the plant to recognise it's food and not just debris that accidentally triggered the hairs. I'm also not sure if it's even able to digest earthworms.
  5. Holes in pitchers

    Do you have a picture to show what the holes look like?
  6. Winter 2017/2018 Darlingtonia sowing

    It's hard to believe those unremarkable grasslike plantlets grow up to become the impressive snakelike pitcher plants we all love.
  7. Tips on caring?

    Keep it as warm and sunny as possible (indoors, if you put it outdoors during summer it should be in the shade because the sunlight is much stronger then), and make sure it doesn't dry out. Rainwater or demineralised/distilled water is recommended, but Nepenthes don't really care as much as other carnivorous plants. It's okay if you add some water to the pitchers (it's bound to happen in nature, too), but isn't really necessary as the pitchers fill themselves up anyway. It's likely the pitchers it currently has will all drop in a few months time, and it's also likely it will take a long time before it starts forming new pitchers. As long as it's producing new leaves, it's fine and it should eventually adapt to the climate inside your house. Not much else to add, this is a strong hybrid that can survive a lot.
  8. Red darlingtonia

    Looking great!
  9. Trading Forums

    They seem to show up for me right now. If they still aren't showing for you, can you access them directly through this link?
  10. David, I really am sick of your lies. To your email about refunding, I immediately (less than 30 minutes later!) replied: "Hi David, okay, you can refund it, or if you know that you will have the praelonga available again in the future, you can send it then." After that, nothing. I did not hear or receive anything from you until I opened a case on PayPal. To this day, I have not received either the plant or a refund for the money you stole. Let's keep in mind here that you never even informed me that you would not be sending the Utricularia praelonga, and that it was only after I mentioned it was missing from the package that you said that yes, you did not send it because you did not have any, so I would say my initial response was very friendly, considering you basically scammed me. I never received a refund from PayPal, and you know this as well as I do. I'm unable to find the closed case on PayPal, so can not take a screenshot, but PayPal was only willing to refund if I sent the plants (that I never received or that were disintegrated) back, which I did not do as I could not.
  11. Cephalotus 'Eden Black'

    Stunning! Black plants are always fascinating eyecatchers.
  12. Differentiating between d. Intermedia and d. Anglica

    I'd agree on the drawing of the rotundifolia, which is borderline offensive, but the other two look reasonably accurate to me. In fact, I just noticed they illustrate another clear difference between the two: anglica's leaves always grow upright, whereas intermedia's leaves first grow outward in a rosette, and only then go up.
  13. Differentiating between d. Intermedia and d. Anglica

    The leaves of Drosera anglica are generally substantially longer than those of Drosera intermedia. That said, if they're all growing in the same area, there are bound to be lots of hybrids, too (and even Drosera anglica itself is thought to originate from a hybrid between Drosera rotundifolia and Drosera linearis - which is itself yet another lookalike). Here's an image to show the difference:
  14. 50º Fahrenheit, I suppose? According to my calculator, that's only 10ºC. If this is not a species which naturally grows in colder conditions on higher altitudes, it's certainly suffering from the low temperatures. Either way, if the daytime temperatures aren't significantly higher than that, it's going to suffer no matter the species. Add to that the sudden extra of a lot of direct sunlight, and you're guaranteed to run into problems like these. Worst case scenario, it started blooming as a last-ditch effort to spread its seeds - although it's most likely just a coincidence, and the plant will survive.
  15. Searching members names

    If you're just looking for someone and remember their name, you can use 'Member Search' on the search page: