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  1. Problems with czplants

    Don't expect too much from Paypal either way. They'll tell you to send back all the plants, regardless of their state of disintegration, and expect you to pay for the shipping costs, if you'd like your money back.
  2. Forcing Nepenthes to pitcher?

    I just noticed that when I click on the links I consistently get a message saying I should sign into a Google account to view the pictures. Feels a bit like what happened with Photobucket.
  3. Forcing Nepenthes to pitcher?

    It only shows random letters and numbers for me.
  4. Set ups and seeds

    There are several sellers listed in the sidebar on the home page: I think you get access to the buy&sell area of the forum after 30 days, if you prefer to buy from individuals rather than shops (although in most cases the shops are still just one-man businesses).
  5. Newbies question about seeds I bought

    On this website? I'd say you can generally trust anyone who can be bothered to post their leftover plants/seeds/gemmae on here. I've bought some things from a couple of people on CPUK and so far I've had only good experiences. You can always click on someone's profile to see what they've posted in the past, and people usually leave a comment to say they had a good experience.
  6. Hello!

    Actually right now it should stop growing and go to sleep until spring. Try to keep it in a cold place (but not freezing) until then - it's technically possible to keep it in your fridge.
  7. Newbies question about seeds I bought

    If you got it on Aliexpress, you should be able to get your money refunded, and leave a bad review on the seller's page to warn other potential buyers. Generally you can get seeds of Dionaea and many species of Drosera really cheap, but those of Darlingtonia are a bit more expensive (as less people grow them) and Nepenthes quite a bit more (because they need both male and female plants to even pollinate the flowers to begin with).
  8. Newbies question about seeds I bought

    Hi William, here are some pictures of what these seeds should look like: Dionaea (teardrop shaped, they are smaller than they appear on the picture): Darlingtonia (they look like tiny cacti): Nepenthes (long and wiry with a small bump in the middle): Drosera (they are about as big as they appear on the picture: impossible to distinguish from dirt unless you use a microscope):
  9. Hello!

    The Drosera won't catch or keep hold of crickets because they're too big. The main thing Drosera catch are gnats and other very thin and light insects. Catching a housefly is already quite the achievement and doesn't happen very often, because larger insects are usually strong enough to still fly or crawl away before enough tentacles have folded in to keep it stuck.
  10. Sundews are getting nice and dewy now!

    Yes, without a doubt. Pinguicula grandiflora is hardy (and as you said it's gone dormant), so can and should stay outdoors, but the Mexican ones should be indoors and watered like a succulent during the winter months (as it will actually start producing small succulent leaves with little to no mucilage). As with all tropical plants, you can grow them indoors year round, or take them out when it's warm and sunny.
  11. Sundews are getting nice and dewy now!

    Are you keeping those Mexican Pinguicula outdoors, too (if that's what I'm seeing on the lowest shelf)? The Drosera capensis can handle the cold, but I don't think Mexican Pinguicula are particularly hardy. You'll notice the Drosera capensis going dormant when all the leaves start dying. Unfortunately at that point there's no real way to tell if they're asleep or dead! You can keep them year round indoors on a windowsill if you don't want to take any risks - and then you can see them all the time, which as it happens is the main reason you'd ever grow decorative plants at all!
  12. Sundews are getting nice and dewy now!

    Well, they're subtropical so they won't go dormant unless you intentionally keep them outdoors.
  13. Sarracenia Seeds - Which soil mix or sphagnum

    Doesn't really matter, although the thing with living sphagnum moss is that it grows much faster than you'd expect, so you have to give it a good haircut every couple of weeks if you don't want to lose your seedlings in a forest of moss.
  14. Rogue sundew, help ID'ing it please

    Highly likely to be Drosera aliciae, or some kind of hybrid. If you really want to label it, 'South African Drosera hybrid' is probably the most accurate you can get without resorting to guessing.
  15. Nepenthes Macrophylla seeds

    If you already have good conditions for Nepenthes to grow in, you won't have any troubles getting the seeds to germinate. In fact, you even say you have the correct conditions for germination, so what's the problem? No one will be able to provide them with 'better than ideal' conditions. Besides, do you really not have the space for one 5cm pot to put those seeds in?