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  1. Eleven have fallen for it, with one buying two. Some of the other listings by this seller look dubious. Although he/she does have 100% feedback
  2. Spent ten minutes looking over my plants this afternoon when suddenly I noticed a new addition. My missus had been to Ikea in the morning and noticed the carnivorous plants, so decided to buy me one. It is just labeled up as a Sarracenia. Its a lovely plant and nice and healthy. Looks like there might be some purpurea in it. I like the large hood and veining.
  3. I seem to have a faint sadistic liking, to seeing flys get eaten.
  4. Welcome back
  5. The rain has been relentless here all day. Managed to drain off some of the water butt into other storage containers. Just in case we end up with an Indian summer
  6. After todays downpour, water butts are full again. Just need some more plants to use it on.
  7. I think the missus is getting jealous. Less than 24 hours from getting my membership pack, my membership card disappeared. Looked everywhere, wallet twice, under settee, pockets and even pockets of clothing I hadn't worn. Eventually found it in the bin with the wrapper from my gardening magazine. Believe me you would think I had lost a bar of gold. But then they are gold bullion to us. The missus denied all knowledge of doing it, but I know I didn't Thinking of taking her of my interests profile now
  8. Thanks Richard, the Society pack arrived today.
  9. It has lol. Here is my collection at the moment. I need to lower the table and put in a water bath and then I can have more
  10. I thought I would show a couple of firsts for me at least. Bought first Sarracenia of Wacks about two years ago and slowly built up a small collection of plants. I have also bought a few packets of cheep seeds of Amazon to see if I could germinate and grow them on myself. My first Sarracenia, S leucophylla hybrid – red/white My first Sarracenia Seedling. Packet says Sarracenia Flava /Purpura Mix. So could be anything lol My partner now says I am hooked lol.
  11. It is common on Ebay for the price to be inflated when sellers have no stock. This way they can keep the high selling rating of the product, so when it becomes back in stock it will be higher up the rankings and appear closer to the top. A new item would be well down the listings and would need to gain sales again for it to appear at the top again. That said the seller has now removed the listing proving my idea wrong lol
  12. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing with us.
  13. Welcome to the forum. Only just joined the forum myself a few weeks ago but the knowledge and help here is out of this world. A bit like our plants lol. Argyll is a lovely area, nearly moved up there myself last year, but somebody beat me to the property.
  14. I was looking over your topic thinking how beautiful your plants are and came to your last picture. My heart stopped and my stomach hit the ground. I had the very same thing happen to me on my allotment. One night my potting shed was burnt to the ground in an arson attack. Although I didn't have any plants of value in it, I did lose £1500 approx, cost of shed, tools etc. That day I could have cried as I had put everything into it. It was the heart of my allotment and everything centered on it. So losing everything that you have done and are proud of I understand. I feel for you. These plants are not like tomato plants that can be grown in a season, these take years of love and dedication, they are your pets, they are your family, they are your life. I have only been keeping carnivorous plants for about a year and don't have any of quality yet that I could send. I wish I could. With my allotment I did continue and I have not two greenhouses and a new shed in the process of being built. I didn't give up and you shouldn't either. Restart again, but you will have learnt by the mistakes you made earlier, you will now be better and wiser. All I can say is good luck for the future, but don't turn your back and such a wonderful hobby. God bless Andrew
  15. Thank you