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  1. Hi!

    Increasing the collection, surely no one ever does that?! Guy
  2. How about these lava stones? Hope they'll be OK, I've just ordered a bag! Guy
  3. Plans for the new home for my CPs are moving on. It seems sensible to have a layer of something under the peat and perlite mix to allow any excess water to be drained off through the drain tap I'll be fitting. Gravel of about one inch diameter is the obvious answer, but will it introduce unwanted minerals into the soil? Guy
  4. Thanks Steve For the drain I might try a 1/2" hosetail through the bottom of the plastic liner with silicone washers to stop leakage. The hosetail could be pushed through a small hole cut in the fabric liner of the planter. Silicone tubing would fit onto the hosetail and be looped up to the top of the container to show the internal water level and then dropped down if the planter needed to be drained. Vermiculite. I made a mistake--I'm new to this! I've bought a bag of Perlite, not Vermiculite. Should be OK, shouldn't it? Guy
  5. OK, I know I said a bog garden would never be something I got into. But I didn't know a purple one was possible! One of these is now on order from Robert Dyas. VFTs, Drosera and Pinguicula in the bottom tier, Sarracenia above. Or perhaps the other way round. No idea at the moment. The lining is porous, so a plastic sheet will go in first. I'll leave the top 5cm or so unlined so excess water can drain out. The filling will be 50/50 sphagnum moss peat and vermiculite. Unless anyone can advise better. It would be good to fit a drain at the bottom in case of serious wetness. Any ideas on how best to do this? In fact, any ideas on how to make this work really well? If this works and looks good then I might get another. Guy
  6. It says Bord na Mona. Premium Irish sphagnum moss peat with no lime or fertiliser. Should be OK, shouldn't it? Guy
  7. There's no way this new interest is getting the better of me--oh no! But today I bought a 250 litre water butt and got it set up. Just after the rain had stopped! And my lovely wife is suggesting there must be a better way to display the plants. They are in individual pots in very boring plastic trays at the moment. Some purple bog pots (or whatever they might be called) may well be appearing soon. Advice may be needed. Not about the purple--we like purple! Just in case, I bought 75 litres of sphagnum moss peat and some perlite from a garden centre earlier today. Obviously it won't be used. Goodness, I've only got a few plants. No chance I'll need lots of peat and perlite. There's also no need for the large bag of live sphagnum moss I bought as well. Certainly I won't be buying any more plants. Won't ever be looking at Hannah's 'for sale' list again. So, I'm glad this new interest isn't taking my life over. Guy
  8. Thanks everyone. Repotting and drying off will happen today. Guy
  9. A few weeks ago I bought a plant labelled as Pinguicula wenser from my local Homebase. It's doing ok, but some of the bottom leaves are turning black. Is this normal? Thanks. Guy
  10. From the album Guy

  11. Did you contact him to ask about this? What did he say? Guy
  12. Having only just become interested in carnivorous plants I'm having a great time absorbing information and planning ahead. Let me say at this point; I have absolutely no intention of building a bog garden or buying a cold frame or greenhouse. Nope, absolutely no chance at all those things will happen. But, for the time being, the plants are kept in trays from a local cheap shop. Photo below. The Venus Fly Traps haven't caught anything. Could this be because the sides of the tray are too high? Thanks. Guy
  13. From the album Guy

  14. Thanks linuxman--I think I've got the hang of this. No doubt it will become second nature after a while. Is there a maximum file size for the photo in the gallery when doing this? Guy
  15. From the album Guy