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  1. Hmm, soapy. Wouldn't want to use that! RO from a local aquatic shop seems the best bet in times of a rain shortage. 14p/L from my local one. Guy
  2. It's worth getting a TDS meter to check before using the tumble dryer water. They are fairly cheap and are easy to use. Guy
  3. Just been down to my local aquatic shop and bought 50l of RO water. Off tomorrow to buy another 50l. 14p/l, so 100l will cost me £14. Tolerable. Guy
  4. Hi all The trays in the little greenhouse are all growing this stuff on the top of the water. Is it algae, and should I do anything about it? The greenhouse gets lots of sun now the lilac tree next to it has been severely pruned. It's just since then the water's started looking mucky. Thanks. Guy
  5. Yeah, I've had this. Some people think it's really weird keeping plants which use insects as part of their 'diet'. They seem to think it reveals a sadistic streak in my nature. I used to keep snakes, loads of them. The reaction was the same. Funny old world. Guy
  6. Guy

    Pings by post---wrong time of year?

    Thanks. Just done it. In the second drop down box, though, you have to select 'UK'!! No option to select 'England'. Guy
  7. Guy

    Pings by post---wrong time of year?

    Thanks Richard Is Dianne from Triffid Nurseries? Just tried to order a load of stuff. Their web site requires me to select my country from a drop down menu. The list doesn't include the United Kingdom, UK, Britain or Great Britain. So I couldn't order anything. Republic of Ireland is in the list though, so you're OK!! I've submitted a query through their web site. Guy
  8. Guy

    What would be right for this set up?

    Right. Two U.gibba bought on ebay from Painit. £10 the two, including postage. Guy
  9. Triffid Nurseries have some nice Mexican Pinguicula available. But they're sent bare rooted. Is this completely the wrong time of year to be re-potting these? Thanks. Guy
  10. Thanks Zerbirus Some Mexican Pinguiculas it will be! Guy
  11. Guy

    What would be right for this set up?

    Thanks Richard Always the way. You keep something for ages without needing it. Throw it away and a couple of days later you wish you hadn't! I've found U. inflata and U. stygia at Triffid nurseries. What do you reckon? And would I just buy one of each and let them multiply? Or a few of each? Also found Painit on ebay selling U. gibba. Again, just one? Advice on where to go from here appreciated. Thanks. Guy
  12. And now it's stopped--very helpful, not! Guy
  13. It's just started raining here in Christchurch--long may it continue! Guy
  14. Following some advice from Richard Bunn my S.psittacina are now in a tray of rain water with a bit of sphagnum moss in it. The photo shows one, but there's three in the tray now. As an experiment, some S. purpurea are in another water filled tray. Some U.gibba were in Richard's tray as well--as best as he could remember. Seems like a lovely idea to me. Utricularia flowers look lovely from what I've seen on the internet. But there don't seem to be any U. gibba available for sale. What else would be good in my trays, please. And where could they be bought? Thanks. Guy
  15. Guy

    Collapsed pitcher

    Thanks How hot is too hot? And might it recover, or should it be removed? Guy