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  1. Without wishing to hijack this thread, my TDS meter arrived yesterday. Here's some interesting readings. De ionised water 3ppm Reverse osmosis water 13ppm 'Brita' filtered water 230ppm Water softener water 260ppm Hard water 265ppm The company which supplied and fitted the water softener tell me the reading is due to the removal of calcium and magnesium from the hard water, replacing them with sodium bicarbonate. Hence the TDS in hard and artificially softened water are about the same. The treated water certainly feels soft compared to untreated water and tests as soft with the test kit left with the softener. For the CPs, though, I'll stay with RO water until I can get a rainwater collection system up and running. Guy Ps Bought yet another CP today. This time from a Haskins garden centre near me. They have loads. Must stop doing this!!
  2. Hi all The experienced amongst you must get sick of this question so, apologies. This Sarracenia came from my local Homebase. £4.99. The compost was dry and it looked sad, so it had to be rescued. What is it please? Thanks. Guy
  3. Thanks for the advice. Seeds for D. californica, D. anglica, D. intermedia, P. grandiflora, P. vulgaris and S. purpurea ssp purpurea now ordered. Together with the seed germination guide. I'm sure people on the forum can give me excellent advice on seed germination, but it'll be good to have some printed stuff as well. This is all getting a bit out of hand! Today I bought another VFT and another Sarracenia from Homebase. A few short weeks ago I had one very sad little VFT which had just about made it through the winter. Now I have 11 plants. A tiny number compared to the dozens (or even hundreds) kept by most people, but we all have to start somewhere! Guy
  4. With luck my plants should be OK outside, perhaps going in a shed if the weather gets really bad. I'm only just starting at this, so not sure about anything yet! You say you keep yours in trays, Ian. I'll be doing the same as I don't want to put up a greenhouse. Any chance of a picture so I can see what you mean? Guy
  5. Darlingtonia are cold hardy? Really? I love them already. Guy
  6. My Carnivorous Plant Society membership stuff has arrived-yippee!! It seems I am allowed four packets of seeds as part of being a member. Very generous and very much appreciated-thanks CPS. Is this the right time to plant seeds? And what should I get, please. As a very new beginner it would be good to choose seeds which are almost guaranteed to germinate and grow on. My plants (all nine of them!) are kept outside, there's no greenhouse. So the seeds will need to be from outside plants. Thanks Guy
  7. Thanks all I have a photobucket account so I'll try it that way. Guy
  8. Wonderful--my new member's pack arrived today. Thanks. Guy
  9. Is there a guide somewhere on the forum about posting photos, please? The limit seems to be a miniscule 380kb. Should I get them into something like photobucket and then transfer them as a URL? All advice appreciated. Thanks. Guy
  10. Great stuff--looking forward to my email from Linda! Guy
  11. Thanks for raising this. I paid through Paypal, albeit only a couple of days ago. But I've had nothing either, no acknowledgement of payment even. Usually there's an automated email response to any payment to anywhere these days. I was beginning to wonder of the payment had got lost in the ether somehow!! Guy
  12. Sorry--too clever for me! I've managed to get a photo in my new album in the gallery, but can't get any further. Is there an easy step by step guide anywhere on the forum showing how to post photos? Guy
  13. From the album Guy

    Bought 22/04/Homebase Christchurch
  14. Earlier today I went to Homebase to pick up a few bits. Then this poor little thing caught my attention. It was in compost which was almost completely dry. For £4.99 I had to have it. It's now in a tray of RO water and the compost is looking a lot better. It came from here No, sorry, no picture. Seems I can only put one in up to 380kb. No optimiser I've found can bring the photo from my 'phone down to below 621kb from the original 1.4mb. If anyone can tell me what to do I'd be grateful. Yesterday I managed to post a picture because the limit was 1mb--I think! Guy
  15. Thanks all. My local aquarium shop sells RO water at 17p/litre. I'll use that for the time being and look into getting a diverter and rainwater barrel. I've just bought a TDS meter off ebay. Should be here in a few days so I'll be able to test the RO water. Fingers crossed it's OK. Guy