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  1. Where there's muck there's brass?

    Here's the reply. Now we know. "Personally I d spray them and use them as decorations. But I've had some interest from people who seem to think they can harvest seeds from them. I m not sure how true that is though." Guy
  2. Where there's muck there's brass?

    Just sent him a query asking what they are used for. Guy
  3. Wonderful time at Hampshire Carnivorous Plants yesterday. Went with a friend and we were bowled over by the quality and variety of the plants on display, the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff and the organisation of the day. The complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits were an incredibly thoughtful touch and very much appreciated. As were the two Portaloos! We came back with several plants. Including a lovely Nepethes my mate now has hanging in his greenhouse. Thank, HCP. Guy
  4. My plants new home

    Nice one bigphil. I'm wondering about getting one of these 'instant' greenhouses. Do people on here think they are worth bothering with, please? Guy
  5. Deffo there tomorrow for about 10.30. Hoping to come back with a boot full of plants! Guy
  6. Deformed traps

    My VFT 'South West Giant' is producing some very weird looking traps. It's outside, catching food, but very odd! Any thoughts? Thanks. Guy
  7. Guy

  8. Using my super cheapy TDS meter has shown me the rainwater in my 250l water butt has a TDS reading of just under 70. However, the rainwater which collects in the trays outdoors which have plants in reads 10. Quite a difference! This tells me my roof is really mucky. Or the water butt is leaking solids from the plastic. Or perhaps both? Thoughts would be welcome. And is water with a TDS reading of 70 OK for CPs? I've read it should be less than 100, but I've also read it should be less than 50. In a few weeks we're getting a shed put up. This will give me about 15ft of guttering to collect rain water from. Can it be collected as soon as the shed's up, or would it be best to let it go through a few hours of rain first to clean anything off the roofing felt? Thanks in advance for any comments and advice. Guy
  9. OK. Let me start this again with an abysmally low bid of £10. Let's hope this goes all the way this time. Guy
  10. Pollinating Sarracenia

    Whenever I read about pollinating Sarracenia it seems as though they can't do it by themselves. People talk about pulling the flower to bits to do it with a paint brush. What happens in the wild? Two of my pitifully small collection of sarracenias produced flowers. Is there no chance insects will pollinate them naturally? Guy
  11. Overstuffed pitchers

    Is it possible for Sarracenia to have too many insects? After a slow start mine are stuffed with flies. Incredible! Will this mean they'll really take off next year, having taken in so much food this year? Guy
  12. New look

    Looks good to me. On my computer things are clearer. It's only on the front page anyway, isn't it? And it's useful just to have the first letter of my name. I often forget who I am!! Not noticed any other changes, though. It would be really good (and I know I keep saying this) to get an easy way to post photos. People have told me how to do it and I'm still convinced there must be a better way. The brewing forum I use takes photos of any size directly from my computer or 'phone. Easy peasy. Guy
  13. Auction 437 - S. Flava var rugelii

    OK, time to put in my ludicrously low starting bid again. Let's hope this one makes it to the end! £10. Guy
  14. Excellent. Looking forward to it! Guy
  15. This auction seems to have flopped, thanks to Photobucket being so (un)helpful. Feel free to disregard my bid and start the whole thing over again once the photo situation has been sorted. Guy