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  1. Ezza

    Watering with Gibberellic acid

    Hi Les, Did you try this? how did it go? I am considering doing this with the 2 trays of stubborn seeds that I have stratified but wont germinate. Regards Eric.
  2. Ezza

    Sarracenia sowing

    I put them out in November,covered with a weighted down glass sheet,so far have 5 seedlings.
  3. Ezza

    Sarracenia sowing

    Hi, I'm intending to sow some mixed Sarracenia seeds in my bog garden and was wondering which month to sow them for natural overwinter stratification?, I dont want to risk them rotting but don't want to plant too late and miss the boat!, (I hope that makes sense) Regards Ezza.
  4. Ezza


    Website looks very good,just ordered some Sarracenia at very good price.
  5. Ezza

    Red Sarracenia

    Hi, I would like to add some red Sarracenia's to my Bog Garden,Which are the brightest?.
  6. Ezza

    Too wet?

    Hello, with the massive downpour last night my Bog Garden is really really wet,how wet should the plants roots be?,will their roots rot or is it as Nature intended?.
  7. Ezza

    Does the CPS still exist?

    Thank you for clarifying Dennis.
  8. Ezza

    Does the CPS still exist?

    Yay Membership pack arrived today,very impressed with it,just expected a email when I paid.
  9. Ezza

    is this Drosera Capensis?

    Leaves smell like Basil!
  10. Ezza

    Does the CPS still exist?

    I also have joined the CPS a couple of weeks ago and heard nothing since,despite emailing.
  11. Ezza

    is this Drosera Capensis?

    Here they are! is it Pesto time?