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  1. Thank you for your advice. I only changed the potting medium around 2 weeks ago. I do remember hearing that they are very sensitive to change. But I just wanted to make sure I was making the right changes. I will make sure it isn't standing in water for sure. They have been in the sun for a while now though they have been on the South facing window for around a month. It was a very long time ago when they had pitchers haha. Hopefully it will pitcher again someday and I can take some pictures to identify it.
  2. Hello CPUK, This is the first post I have put up on here so I hope I am in the right section and I am doing this right (please let me know if I should move this somewhere). I have no idea what the type is as it never came with a label. We have had it for a while now, maybe around 3 years. My issue is that it doesn't seem to be pitchering at all despite the leaves looking quite healthy (of what I can see the top ones are dark green and shiny, the bottom ones look more dry and have fallen off over time). I grew it up a stick (IE tied it against a cane) for a while before I realised how they are supposed to look and I am wondering if it is too tall now? I repotted it in sphagnum moss and perlite recently because I was not sure of the potting medium it was in. Also, it is now kept on a south facing windowsill which gets a lot of light through it and is quite warm (it is about 20 cm above a radiator). I water it every day with rainwater to keep the medium moist. Not sure of the humidity levels, I suppose it is quite dry in the room it is kept in and I dont know if that might be a factor, how would I keep it humid without it being in a terrarium? I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks, DarkHorse