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  1. Lol, I've been paying way to much!!!! Lol.
  2. Wow that's cheap water, I'm paying £25 for 50 liters of de-Ionised water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Not to mention every cat in the neighborhood in your garden!!!!!! Lol.
  4. None in my greenhouse,but when I put the purp's outside within 30 seconds there all over them!
  5. Nepenthes seeds.^^
  6. So sorry for you mate, I have just sown some seeds if they germinate I'll be happy to send them to you.
  7. Yes mate, I sent an E-mail and they got back to me quite quickly .
  8. Lol. If insects fall in the water the plants are sat in I'll rescue them to fight another day, but not from the plants. Lol
  9. I fill the pitchers to, but I'm not going to put my fingers in the purp's water to save anything, it stinks (and I want them to get as much food as possible, to grow as big as they can).
  10. My purp,s catch nothing at all in the greenhouse, but when I put them outside they catch loads of flys!
  11. Your purpurea look great Hannah, nice big pitcher on your Darlingtoina to.
  12. That's crazy, people are paying crazy money lately.
  13. Yes it's not bad at all, it's 24“ inches high and 20“ inches wide. Can't complain considering it was only £25.
  14. Sorry about the muck on the leaves, I didn't clean it off befor I took the pic!
  15. N, Bloody Mary arrived today. Sent from my LG-H440n using Tapatalk