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  1. One of my friends owns a pet shop, so I get cat litter trays cheep (about £1 each), so that's what I uese!
  2. Thanks guys, I have a few D, capensis here so I'll try it on one of them for a few months first.
  3. Cheers mate, would you still uese it for your CP's?
  4. Some realy good looking plants there mate .
  5. Hi guys. I have just got a TDS meater and the first thing I tested was my tap water, and the readings were 0090 ppm!!!!! Now as this is below the recommended limit of 0100 ppm (only just). So do you think I can uese the water for my CPs if I let it stand for a few days to get rid of some of the chemicals? Thanks Andy
  6. I know you can grow chillis from seed in a greenhouse in February (chillis need warmth to germinate) using heatmats so I don't see why it can't work for over wintering CPs. Like you say just try with one or two first. Andy
  7. Hi all, I have been reading the posts about these two spices, and how people are being miss sold D, sessilifolia, and they are actually D, Burmanii ! Unfortunately I have been reading the posts after I have orded seeds for both spices! So what do you guys think my odds are of me actually getting D, sessilifolia? You need to take in to account aswell I ordered them from Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Andy
  8. Thank you, I'm not sure how they have been stored! So I'll give them 4/6 weeks in the refrigerator before trying to germinate them.
  9. Hi guys. A quick nood question!!!!!! Do Dionaea Msucipula (B52) and Sarracenia Leucophylla seeds need a cold period to germinate? I'm only asking because I'm awaiting some seeds. Thank you Andy
  10. Absolutely stunning! Enough sed!
  11. Cheers buddy.
  12. That is going to look amazing when they grow.
  13. Fantastic, it sounds like you have some nice plants there. I to have to supplementary feed my cps (freeze dried bloodworms aswell) simply because they are indoors, and don't get much of a chance to catch there own food.
  14. Hi all. Out of intrest do any of you guys supplementary feed your carnivorous plants, and if so what products do you uese?
  15. Thank you for your reply. No I have not repotted then, but it is intresting you mentioned light because the Solar Stinger is not as bright as the Arcadia LED, all tho the two sets are 6100k! I have orded 2 Growstar LED light panels 45W 2400LM plant grow full spectrum units, so if it is a lighting problem hopefully this will sort it out. Thanks once again. Andy