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  1. GKJR

    what do you think?

    I know the question I am going to ask probably has been asked over and over. I took my intermediate nepthenes out of its terrarium and put it on my south facing window seal. The question I have is do you think it will be okay there? the temp is between 90-95 and humidity is at 20-25% and at night temp is 70 and humidity it 69%. I plan on buying a humidifier and putting it around it if I need too and I also mist it in the morning and night. The nepenthes is a Brunei red X (spectabilis 'giant X ventricosa) and I am also thinking of putting my n. alata there too. I know it might be one of thoses deals try it and see, but what are your thoughts.
  2. GKJR

    Hello from Texas USA

    I have noticed that, a lot of people started out that way. VFT's are a gateway to a problem. Lol
  3. GKJR

    Dorosera in greenhouse

    Some nice looking plants. Sent from my GT-P7510 using Tapatalk
  4. GKJR

    Hello from Texas USA

    it started out that way. Now it has grown to nepenthes, and sundews also. I feel like I have a plant problem. lol.
  5. GKJR

    Hello from Texas USA

    Hello everyone. I just discovered this forum and I am glade I did. I Love surrounding my self with knowledgeable people. I have been growing plants off and on for a few year but just recently got into carnivorous plants a few months ago. It all started with a VFT and a pitcher plant from lowes. The love for these plants has grown ever since.