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  1. Drosophyllum dying

    Looks like things are getting a little better with more water, new leaves are not turning brown so far
  2. Drosophyllum dying

    I definetely increase watering and pray, thank you both
  3. Drosophyllum dying

    Thanks for replying, I grow them outdoor and yes I have had very high temperatures recently. Do you think I should start watering daily? The pot is not wide but very tall (30cm)
  4. Drosophyllum dying

    Hello everyone, my drosophyllum is really not good but I don't know why, the tips become brown fast and there is no dew. The first photo is what it looked like one month ago and the second photo is 2 days ago. Soil is sand 50 peat 25 perlite 25, I water from top like 3 times a week, 5 hours of sun a day and the plant is 6 months old. Thank you for your help
  5. Identifying Pinguicula

    The flower was 3 days old in the first images, I guess i had to wait a little more before taking photos. If you need to see more photos just ask and thanks for the answer
  6. Identifying Pinguicula

    Another detail of the flower
  7. Identifying Pinguicula

    I don't know, they all look similar
  8. Identifying Pinguicula

    It was a gift from a seller, he said it is a P. vulgaris but I am not sure
  9. Identifying Pinguicula

    P. Vulgaris or P. Leptoceras?

    merry christmas
  11. He told me that most of his plants are dormant, but this one is still awake. Any idea for the other one?
  12. Thank you both Another question, can you help me recognize them? p. alpina and p. vulgaris?
  13. What soil can I use for european temperate pinguicula like p. alpina and p.vulgaris? Do they need rain water?
  14. Hello

    Hi everyone, I'm from italy and I'm glad to be now a member of this great community. I hope to improve my collection very soon