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  1. Cephalotus folicullaris conditions

    I'm not sure how seller kept the plants before me, I'll have to check. Here it can get up to -10C during the winter sometimes. So I doubt I can keep the plants outside. I have to think about it, for now I put them in terrarium and I hope they'll be fine. Thanks for help!
  2. Cephalotus folicullaris conditions

    Thanks for your reply Argo but I cant put it outside, here it is during the night up to -5C.
  3. Hi all! I have a question about cephs I'll be receiving very soon... I don't know if these will be in dormancy, all I know they will be bare rooted. And now I wonder, I don't have any experiences in keeping this guys, I tried to gather as much info as I could and now I wonder: - Does it make sense to take some root cuttings before I plant them in media, or would it not be wise to disturb the plant any further? - I read about temperature drop the cephs should have during the night, and I don't have a perfect place to pull this off... Will they be OK on a 23-24°C temperature? No night variations... - Will these cephs that arrive in the middle of winter (I'm from EU) be in dormancy? Should I put them somewhere with lower temps (12°C and weaker light)? Or should I put them in my small terrarium wiht artifical lighting? Thanks for your help and tips. Regards!
  4. My terrariums

    RESPECT! Very nice looking and well put together.
  5. My 2016 images

    Very nice looking, love the collection. The orange one, you have to feed it more then flys or fishfood...
  6. New and eager, but not there yet... :)

    I can't tell for sure if the plants died or they just went dormant. They got all black and looked dried out, not sure what that's all about :) Yes for seeds, I'll look in the trade section or if any of the useres will be willing to share some seeds that they have in abundance or are not planning that they would sell. Can't wait to plant something
  7. New and eager, but not there yet... :)

    Thanks to everyone! :) First off I have to read some stuff (overwintering, fertilizing, soil etc.) and then post some questions.
  8. Hi to all! I'm new to these plants, I had some flytraps few years ago but they dies during the winter Anyway I'm back, at least I hoped so... I was buying some seeds trough ebay and aliexpress and I was very dissapointed. What was I expecting huh? :) All the seeds were fake and God knows what plant they were. Anyway I hope I'll start sowing some real seeds soon (if any of you guys have any to spare, or any of the seeds that would otherwise got thrown away, please let me know!) and I'll check some local garden stores if they have some of these plants. I'll post some pictures when the ball get's rolling, Best wishes and good growth to all of you, regards
  9. BBC CP pollination problem

    Interesting point... http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20161010-how-insect-eating-plants-persuade-insects-to-pollinate-them