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    plants: especially CP's and orchids, stick insects, birds
  1. Plantsman89's Plants

    This is maybe a stupid question but what is a AW clone?
  2. pinguicula problem

    After I did some research on the web I had the idee that my plant doesn't gets enough light so i moved it to a east facing window sill where it get more light. Tomorrow, I go to the local garden center and look if they have some orchid fertilizer. Jasper
  3. pinguicula problem

    Could it help when I put a transparant bag over the plant?
  4. pinguicula problem

    I can't feed it, the plant doesn't have any dew. Or can you still feed it with a fishfood+water mix like in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu9dtgQZghU Jasper
  5. pinguicula problem

    The plant grows next to a south facing window sill with a bit of shade. It is in a 50/50 peat/perlite mix. The plant gets rain water every 3 or 4 days. I have to measure the humidity yet but I guesse it's around 50%.
  6. pinguicula problem

    Hello, Last year I've bought a ping 'Tina'. The plant grew very well and had a lot of flowers. Around october/november it formed its winter rosette. But this year i took long for the plant to wake up (it was mid june) and the plant grew very slow. Now the plant still grows slow and the rosette is 1/2 smaller without dew. What could be the problem? Hope someone can help me. Jasper
  7. I think this is normal, I've also noticed this at my pinguicula.
  8. unknown drosera seedling

    Thanks for your answers, I will see how the plant grows.
  9. unknown drosera seedling

    Hello, This drosera seedling (the green plant in the center of the picture) came with a D. intermedia that I've ordered a few week ago (the big red drosera in the left upper corner of the picture). Does somebody know what kind of drosera this is? Tell me if the picture isn't clear enough, I took it with my phone.
  10. dionaea flower stalk cutting

    I just saw that my dionaea "dingley's giant" is making a flowerstalk. I would like to take a flowerstalk cutting. I did a bit of research but there is one thing still not clear: how big does the stalk have to be before you cut it? It's now +/- 2 cm.
  11. That's a really nice plant! Can I ask you a question? In what kind of conditions is your plant growing? (Temp, light, humidity...)
  12. Late autumn color 2016

    Beautiful colours all I wish I could grow ceps but I don't have enough space.
  13. aroid ID

    Thanks for your help. I have grown mine +- 8 years now and they flowered each year. Take care Jasper
  14. aroid ID

    Hello I forgot the name of this aroid. I think it is a saromatum venosum, but I'm not sure. I don't have images of the leafs.