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  1. Sarracenia seedlings

    Hi Carlos, seedlings are looking very healthy. I have my first batch just starting to sprout. Still a bit wet, cold and windy over here so I do not expect much from the other seeds for a while . Regards, Keith.
  2. Aliens and there plants

    Another case for Mulder and Scully.
  3. CPS new membership

    Hi Oly. It will arrive, took about three weeks for mine. The person dealing with membership applications wears several hats I believe, so hang on in there mate.
  4. Thanks Richard. Looks like a very useful app all round. I have downloaded and will give it a trial.
  5. Popped over to the poly tunnel to check on seeds today, and an entire box of Alata (I think they are) have started sprouting. As it's my first attempt at growing Pitcher plants I am quite chuffed. I sowed these chaps back in September on 50/50 peat and perlite. Left them, covered, in an unheated poly tunnel.
  6. Thank you for your comments. I have found a decent App called ePlant which seems to fit the bill. So will give it a go.
  7. 2018's Sarracinia sowing

    Wow Dean, very neat and tidy. My poly looks like a bomb has hit it, and the bantams are always in there chocking the gravel floor around and generally scattering bits and pieces everywhere. Anyway, my mate (and boss) has agreed to a new greenhouse sometime in the summer so something to look forward to.
  8. Looking back to an April 2013 Loakesy topic, I wonder if anyone uses an iPad or Windows App to track seeds/plants (who from, when planted etc.) and plant growth along with maybe, details on substrate, temperature etc. I ask because I am forever on the computer/iPad and would be more durable than paper records. It would help with gaining a greater knowledge base. It would be a great help if any Apps suggested are cross platform and data base structured rather than encyclopedic. Anyway replies greatly appreciated.
  9. Sowing Sarracenia Leucophylla

    I will start a new post for some close up pics....This is a HCW clone with just visible (top of seed) roots appearing. Taken with one of those cheapy USB microscopes.
  10. Sowing Sarracenia Leucophylla

    Hey AndreaC. I have 40 and 63 from Aldebardan, planted today in plastic food type containers in similar compost and put into cold greenhouse. Will be interesting to compare growth? Are yours in heated area?
  11. The book is out now at £81.59 hardback from Amazon. I have just ordered it and will (if anyone is interested) give a review in due course. The book is, of course, very technical but gives a wide view of evolution, habitat, prey capture methods, nutrient transport systems etc. Of importance, to the survival of these fascinating plants, there is a section on the continuous destruction of natural habitats. I feel the need to give something back, and although very pricey, I hope at least some of the price will go toward continuing research. There is an ebook on Google for purchase at £65'ish but I cannot find it again.
  12. My sarracenia purpurea seeds have germinated!

    Looking good phil. I keep seeing signs of germination with mine (wishful thinking I reckon) but my magnifying glass has gone awol so can't be sure.
  13. My growing collection

    How's the plant's doing Steve?? I hope you have that greenhouse secured to a wall, I learnt the hard way LOL.