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  1. DNS problems with CPUK

    ZX81. First available computer sold by W H Smiths for 70 quid in 1981 LOL. No email then, we either sent letters or talked to each other.
  2. DNS problems with CPUK

    Morning email received from you. However, At the moment I am obviously able to reply's all beyond me, where did the ZX81 go?
  3. Not sure where to post this but, looking at past auctions, some plants were not re-homed. There were some I liked, so I wondered what happens to them. Do they get re-auctioned, can people offer to buy them? Do they end up homeless, doomed to wander, unwanted and alone? Mocked by the nettles and ridiculed by the general weed population. I have a tear in my eye, or is that the pickled onions I'm eating?
  4. DNS problems with CPUK

    I have recently been having problems posting in topics, replying to messages etc. This is confined to my laptop only, the iPad works fine, using it to post this. Worked ok for the last auction I entered (448) and my reply to Sheila and Andy. Since then problems. Andy posted a message to me, I was able to read but not reply.
  5. Hello Andy, I am having problems with posting in forum topics and replying to messages from my laptop for some reason. This from my iPad. I have sent you a reply with my address. No problem with delay in posting, I understand how busy it can get. Keith.
  6. New bog garden

    Hi all. I had to clear some room in the greenhouse, so I planted up an old Belfast sink and put in some s. flava cross' and couple un-named sarries. I used Westland peat moss and a bit of horticultural sand for body. Some mixed reviews on Westland peat but worth a try I reckon. Bit late in the year maybe? But how would a couple of b&q vft survive? Everything else is doing great and the Drossera binata's are going great guns.
  7. Count me in please Mike, probably +1.
  8. Hi from Dee in rainham

    Hello Dee. Yes, be careful. I have, over a couple of months, collected around 15 varieties of Sarracenia, Drosera and VFT's, its like an addiction LOL. I have now fell in love with Sarracenia leucophylla. Quite possibly the most beautiful plants I have ever seen.
  9. That's ok, I look forward to getting the parcel....Thanks for update.
  10. I am not sure if I am allowed to bid yet...but.....I will go £8 to start off.
  11. Hi all

    Just starting out on a damp botanical journey into a fascinating world of living fossils. These plants have been around for millions of years, making use of territory where others feared to grow. I have been looking through the bog garden posts and will be out digging up my boss's garden soon (I haven't got one). The thought of raising these plants from seed and eventually having them growing in a bog garden, leaping around catching their own dinner, is truly inspiring. I made a start with some VFT seed and Sundew seed...some of which are struggling to life despite the cat deciding a wet a**e is ok 'cos the greenhouse is warm. Life is an endless journey of knowledge and mouldy fingers....Grow on and survive! Sorry about waxing..nothing to do at work at the mo. Keith.