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  1. My growing collection

    How's the plant's doing Steve?? I hope you have that greenhouse secured to a wall, I learnt the hard way LOL.
  2. Hi Natale. What a great colour. I just love those white Sarra's. Sort of creamy white. If you want sell any seed, plant or divisions let me know. Regards, Keith. (Se si desidera vendere qualsiasi seme, pianta o divisioni fatemelo sapere. Saluti, Keith.) Original Regards, Keith.
  3. Sarracenia sowing

    Hi Ezza. I just found your post and wondered what you decided? I thought the same but wondered about protecting seeds against rain, wind etc. I mean, would they wash away? perhaps some sort of clear protective cover? Regards, Keith.
  4. I agree with Scuipici, but a white Leucophylla on a black background with a Vft snapping away at it's heels This things gone daft....sorry about strange repeats
  5. I agree with Scuipici, but a white Leucophylla on a black background with a Vft snapping away at it's heels
  6. I agree with Scuipici, but a white Leucophylla on a black background with a Vft snapping away at it's heels
  7. I am looking forward to your podcasts and will definately join when they start. Good luck matey. Keith.
  8. Had a reply from publishers. Book due for release in January 2018. Ebook out at the same time. No information on price yet though.
  9. Problems with sarracenias

    Hi Roberto. I have had a word with my friend who grows carnivorous plants. He thinks the same, probably THRIPS. If so you must ISOLATE the affected plants, keep them away from healthy plants. Treat at least once per week and give the good ones a treatment to be safe. I am new to CP's but know this works with non-CP. Importantly, please do check these facts with a bit of research to make sure any treatment will not harm your plants.
  10. Thank you for heads up on this book carnivore, just what I was looking for. I have emailed OUP asking for details on the ebook launch, which presumably is January. Price wise it seems that tech books like these command huge prices. I had to access a book on freshwater diatoms during some OU study. To buy was over £150, that was 20 years back. Took three weeks for the library to get it for me.
  11. Cracking photography, thank you. Could share your camera settings please?
  12. Problems with sarracenias

    Hi Roberto. I really am not sure, but the marks look like damage from THRIPS. If so, they are to small to be seen, dig into the leaf and leave those black marks. I have had similar attacks to non-carnivorous plants which responded well to a systemic pest spray. I hope you get it sorted, Keith.
  13. My sarracenia purpurea seeds have germinated!

    Is that some sort of record? What is the fastes known for sarracenia germination. Any way, good going mate. I am going to sow mine and put 'em in the cold greenhouse as soon as the square pots get here. October 31st I reckon.
  14. Having potted the S. Purpurea I received from the forum actions I know the pitchers did not contain water. Three days later they are full to at least half-way. Do I assume there is some sort of osmosis going on???? Or maybe a one way transport system? Do all Sarracenia have these systems? These plants are amazing. I wonder what other evolutionary adaptions they have? I really have to dig a lot deeper. Can anyone recommend a decent book, as a start point, dealing more in depth with water, nutrient, prey attraction and self protection systems? I would like to start with Sarracenia, so if any information is forthcoming I would be very grateful. Keith.
  15. testing testing posting.............not able to post within forum from internet explorer so trying Chrome ....thanks to Richard for the tip. Strange one that (to me)...Works fine with chrome, does not work with explorer