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  1. Going into dormancy already

    Most of my plants are still growing. All VFTs, Drosera capensis and binatas are producing new leaves. Sarracenia purpurea ssp purpurea has got a few last year's pitchers starting to turn brown but new pitchers are still forming. The only plant that slowed down is my Darlingtonia but that could just be the result of it producing stolons instead of pitchers (I noticed one in late spring and now it produced another one), couple of the older pitchers are also starting to die off. We did have quite a warm summer here (until a few days ago) so I'm not expecting the plants to go dormant for another month at least, maybe longer. This year is not as warm as last, but even now the night temperatures are still in double digits...
  2. River water with Sarras.?

    When I was at risk of running out of rainwater earlier this year I got two 2.5 l bottles of de-ionised water from Tesco for £1.15 each (it's in the car care isle). I didn't need it in the end so just have it in the shed as a back-up. You should be able to get de-ionised water in most supermarkets/petrol stations (it's the stuff you use to top up car batteries and also in steam irons).
  3. Flys

    There are not too many flies (and wasps for that matter) here either. My Sarracenia purpurea hasn't caught anything this year yet, but one of my VFTs is having a feast - 5 out of 6 traps are full. Judging by the shape/size of the insect inside I'm guessing they're all hover flies (I keep seeing loads of them around my plants). None of the other CPs are mature enough to catch anything bigger than a fruit fly.
  4. My carnivorous plants

    Same plants, 4 weeks later... All growing nicely, even 'Red Dragon' is putting on some leaf growth now (might be 'cause I cut off the flower stalk it produced earlier)...
  5. Data of peat vs peat-free propagation/cultivation

    You can import pure (unused) peat from another EU country without any problems (what happens after Brexit is anyone's guess but for now, nothing changes). The only issue could be delivery cost. It might be cheaper to visit your local garden centre or shop on ebay, amazon etc. I bough some from ebay earlier this year without problems.
  6. Water TDS readings

    Maybe but I'd use rainwater whenever possible. It's the most natural water you can get and in the wild, CPs do just fine...No need to mollycoddle the plants, I haven't heard of anyone loosing a plant due to rainwater use. Plus, rainwater is free... Why spend money on RO/deionised water when you don't have too? If you have a small collection and a water butt, it should be enough. If you have lots of plants you might consider other options (or at least have a back up plan in case your rain water butt runs dry).
  7. My carnivorous plants

    Hi everybody and thanks for your replies :) Well, to be honest, I'm already addicted to growing plants in general. My patio is filled with planters (4 years ago I had 3, now I'm up to 18), my windowsills are occupied by several houseplants and did I mentions the 8 ft tall palm tree in my living room? Unfortunately for me (and luckily for my other half) I don't have a greenhouse so my growing space and plant options are limited to plants that can either survive outside all year round or be happy as houseplants. My CP collection will not be getting that much bigger now, might get a Nepenthes or two, Drosera and maybe another Sarracenia but I really doubt I'll have more than 10 CPs in total.
  8. Asda Nepenthes

    Hi, I haven't seen any yet either, but it might be still a bit early... If I see any, I'll let people know (if somebody sees one before me, please post here).
  9. Hi, just wanted to share a photo of my CPs. At the moment I only have 4 so wouldn't even call it a collection... The plants are: typical VFT, Red dragon VFT, Darlingtonia and Sarracenia purpurea (all grown in 10 cm pots).
  10. Asda Nepenthes

    Anybody knows if Asda are selling the Nepenthes bio-domes this year? Wouldn't mind getting my hands on a couple of them...
  11. peat

    Just adding to the peat debate, I have 2 venus flytraps growing in peat-free mix and both are doing fine. The typical VFT is producing a lot of new leaves and my Red Dragon has put on a flower stalk (no new leaves as yet though). So, from my experience and in my growing conditions, VFTs can be grown without peat... It might not work for everyone but some people can achieve good results this way. I haven't tried growing any of my other CPs peat-free yet but that's because I only got the plants this year and they're too small to divide at the moment. When they get bigger I will be planting some of them in peat-free mix to compare the results. I'm not getting involved in the argument if going peat-free is needed/good for the environment but if peat becomes unavailable in the future, it's a good idea to start experimenting now so you're ready for when/if the bans starts.
  12. Hi, I have found some temperate CPs I'd like to buy but not sure when is the best time to do so. Is it ok to buy them now when they're dormant or should I wait until they resume growth? The seller is based in the UK same as me and plants will be send by post (in case it makes any difference). Thanks for your advice!
  13. 1st Bog planter - advice on size etc needed

    Hi Steve, thanks for your reply. I'm going to start with young plants so it will be a while before they form clumps big enough to cause problems with overcrowding. I'm hoping this planter will be ok for a few years. Depending on how that goes I might create 2 or more planters at that point. Re-potting every few years isn't a problem, I do that with my house plants and patio plants already so another container or two won't make that much difference. I was going to have 1 drainage hole near the bottom and another half way down the planter but I guess having more holes makes it easier to control water level so will probably go for 3 holes in total. That should be enough to keep the plants happy (I hope). Dormancy isn't an issue, winters here are usually quite mild so the hardy plants can stay outside all year round and the VFTs can be brought in if it gets too cold. I'm planning on keeping the plants in their individual pots at first anyway so I just leave the VFTs in them permanently and take them out of the bog planter when needed. I have an unheated outbuilding with winter temps somewhere between 3 C and 10 C, my VFT's been there since November and it's doing alright. If there is a period of extremely bad weather the whole bog planter could go there too... Now I just need to buy a suitable planter... Thanks for all your advice and happy growing!
  14. Hi, so I'm thinking about getting more CPs and growing them outside in a planter (proper garden bog is not an option for me). I've done some research on construction but need a bit of help with deciding how big it needs to be. I don't want to get it all set up only to take it apart in one year's time because the plants got too big for it... The only requirement is that it needs to be relatively portable (I live in a rented property so may have to move in a year or two and want to be able to take the planter with me without having to dismantle it first) so I'm thinking a plastic planter would be the best solution. The plants I'd like to grow are: 1x darlingtonia 2x sarracenia purpurea (1x ssp purpurea and 1x ssp venosa) 2x venus flytrap (1x typical and 1x red - not sure which one yet, possibly red dragon or royal red?) I've uploaded an image of what I'd like the bog to look like. How big does the planter need to be to accommodate all of these plants? Any idea how much water it will need per day (apart from the initial set up)? Will these plants be happy to share the same planter? I'm in South Yorkshire. The planter will be on a south facing patio, the side where the VFTs will grow will be facing south, the darlingtonia end will be facing north (hopefully that should keep it's roots cool). To start with I'll be keeping all of the plants in their little pots until I'm happy with the whole layout but want to plant them out permanently later on. Thanks for reading. Any advice is appreciated.
  15. Just to let everyone know, my fly trap survived my absence without problems. I took it indoors, gave it plenty of water and it did fine. I put it back outside afterwards (minus the extra water). It's still there now, looking a bit ragged but I guess that's normal at this time of the year...