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  1. I think other plants might be more suitable. There are ofc small versions of CP (pygmy drosera, vft cudo, certain pinguicula's), but they are not bonsai's like stu said.
  2. who knew the uk was that dry.... I ran out of water a while ago and gave them tapwater once. The one time didnt hurt them, so when it rained again I immediately replaced all the water. I think our tap water is soft enough to do this for once.
  3. Sounds interesting. Do you have photos of your setup?
  4. Hi!

    LOL! and welcome!
  5. Welcome! That is a very nice looking setup! I hope you wont mind telling us about it too.
  6. Hi

    now you are just making us jealous...
  7. No idea, but good to know you keep an eye on it
  8. Hey Koen. Your sphagnum looks very good. I have some questions about how you cultivate them. Do you keep the tray covered or open? In the light or in the shade? How do you water them?
  9. They look very good!
  10. have you also fed it flies yourself?
  11. welcome!
  12. Oh thats very sad but everyone loses a plant at some point. It is also a learning experience...
  13. that looks nice, how is your other ceph doing?
  14. How do you know they aren't going to germinate anymore? Is there any way of seeing that?