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  1. I'm so confused about cephs and watering now...
  2. I always see that ppl say the closing lids are a sign of low humidity. I have tried experimenting with my cephs (i like experimenting). I put a ceph outside in the full sunshine and the pot was standing in water completely to the edge. The lids closed. After a while i moved it to the shade and took it out of the water and let it dry completely. The lids opened. It seems contradictory. I can imagine the same i see with orchids: if they are watered too much the roots rot and they show signs of dehydration. Idk if this is the same with cephs? I put the ceph in both conditions for about 2 weeks. The ceph is still growing well. Does anyone know more about this?
  3. I'm not really sure what to write about this, but I was very shocked about the news of what happened in Manchester. I want to share my compassion with people who were affected by this attack. I'm thinking about you, U.K.
  4. Here is a question that has been on my mind. These nepenthes grow in very high altitudes sometimes, with lower atmospheric pressure than what we experience at home. I wonder if this factor has any influence on their growth at all.
  5. I found an article that says cephalotus can handle warmer temperatures as long as they receive a drop in nighttime temperatures. I hope people with more experience with Cephalotus can comment on this?
  6. Is it me or is the over all opinion on this forum leaning slightly towards expanding CP collections?
  7. Isn't temperature always measured in the shade officially?
  8. I think the used watering method that works depends on other circumstances as well, such as the mix you use, and the temperature.
  9. Didn't you also make charts? I can't find them
  10. this is awesome! Wow!
  11. The whole plant, so including the stem
  13. It can be N. judith soper maybe
  14. Hello I am growing this same plant for 2 years now. It catches lots of fungus gnats for me. The leaves can wither, but as long as its growing new leaves from the center it's nothing to be worried about. Pings do like a bit different growing than most cps. I have mine in a perlite:peat mix, which a lot more perlite than peat. I also dont give it too much water. Its dryer than most of my CPs. Also it likes warm weather. I hope this helps you.