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  1. My latest creation...

    It's always interesting to see alternative setups. Very interesting to see how the Nep roots deal with that!
  2. What is this white stuff on my Nepenthes leaves?

    I have also noticed it on some of the leaves of my N. sanguinea, but i don't think that one is pure. It could be a hybrid. I have moved them around a bit so they are not in the sunlight anymore. My neps dont really dry out, i water them every other day. It could be low humidity, so im trying to raise that as well. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly causes it, if i think i figured it out i will let you know.
  3. How do you over-winter your Cephalotus (in the UK)?

    Here in holland i overwinter my cephs in the shed.. I am going to experiment with the first all winter outdoor ceph. If it gets too cold, I might still put it in the shed or indoors... but we'll see how the winter goes. We can have pretty cold winters here
  4. What is this white stuff on my Nepenthes leaves?

    I dont fertilise my nepenthes and i only give them rainwater. I have moved some nepenthes around, and noticed it disappeared from the leaves now. I think it is when direct sunlight hit the leaves that the leaves responded with this. They dont have leafburn. Im still not sure what to think of it.
  5. What is this white stuff on my Nepenthes leaves?

    The odd thing is that my N. spectabilis didnt have it before, even though it was small.
  6. untidy sarra's

    Yeah I have that too, but im gonna wait a bit longer till it gets really cold and then im cutting off whats brown. Some of my sarra's decided to flower again...
  7. What should I do with my new greenhouse?

    Heat the one thats already there and move the plants from the existing one to the new, unheated one? That way they still get the same amount of light. Just the light to your "warm" greenhouse is blocked then.
  8. Two weeks ago the leaves of my N. spectabilis started to look a bit different from my other Nepenthes'. I haven't seen this before and the old leaves are still green and smooth. Does anyone know why the leaves suddenly have this white layer and what it is? See photos below.
  9. N.Hamata having spots on leaves

    If i look at a leaf with spots on them the base of the leaf, that is shaded by other leaves, is still green. N. hamata is different from most nepenthes, in that it really doesnt like a lot of light. Naturally it grows very shaded in closed mossy forrests. I don't know exactly what it is, but I would try to give it less light. temp and humidity seem good to me, if there is enough airflow.
  10. Nepenthes northiana

    It gives it a very natural look. If the Nepenthes do good on that, I really like it. Very pretty
  11. Forcing Nepenthes to pitcher?

    In the summer if the weather is ok I put all my Nepenthes out in the garden. They catch their own insects then (usually spiders in the night for some reason). If i find the occasional bug in the house i will throw that in an open pitcher as well. I dont think they need a lot of feeding, I am not all that bothered by feeding them. I think light and temperature fluctuation are the most important for Nepenthes to survive. Humidity also doesnt seem to have such a big influence on most of my nepenthes, but I live in a pretty humid environment. As long as it doesn't drop below 60% they are ok.
  12. Forcing Nepenthes to pitcher?

    Sure. It is Nepenthes Louisa. I has almost turned into a tree. From the soil to the highest point of the stem it meassures 110 cm. Unfortunately, in the winter this Nepenthes doesnt do as well with me as in the summer, since it gets quite cold here. This is my biggest pitcher: I also want to add, I triedd different pots and mixes with my Nepentheses. I noticed they grow very well in these baskets. That seemed to matter more to them than the mix. I just put the basket on top of an empty pot with holes in it, on top of a dish. This way the water can run through and then vaporize again from the dish below.
  13. Forcing Nepenthes to pitcher?

    very nice! I have had a Nepenthes that didn't pitcher for a full year. Now it started to make new (huge!) pitchers again. Manders you are right, most often the reason for Nepenthes not pitchering is lack of light. I think this one just needed a bit of patience. Keep us informed! :)