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  1. Thanks! I received the seeds very fast, well wrapped up and a lot of them! Great job, ada!
  2. looks very nice
  3. That looks stunning!
  4. any updates on the wall... ?
  5. Very nice plants! Absolutely amazing! What are your growing conditions? (light/water/soil etc?)
  6. welcome!
  7. I see only 2 leaves? It made a lot of pitchers.
  8. I bet it was the slug with the sledgehammer again! I'm seriously so curious now...
  9. I did have a few spiders in my home once. Im absolutely terrified of them, so i took my VFT and chased them into a corner and helt my VFT up to catch it. I found them very helpful allies in my quest to make the home spider-free. My VFTs seemed to ask for more spiders as well, they grew larger traps after that. I put them outside where they catch their own bugs and the occasional spider. I have never tried caterpillars before, so I can't say what effecct those would have on my VFTs.
  10. I have a few plants in my garden that attract bugs. I place my carnivorous plants that stay outside, next to them in the summer. I let them catch their own bugs as much as possible. I'm growing all my plants in my windowsill or outside. I find that most CP dont really need extra feeding if they have the possibility to catch the occasional bug in the summer. It depends on the plants you have. I also got freeze dried bloodworms from the bird feeding section in the petstore for my hungriest plants. I take out the core of the worm and put tiny bits of that in the pitchers. My Venus Fly Traps and sarracenia's dont get any extra food (even all winter), same with my drosera, except for drosera regia. I do feed my nepenthes maybe 2 or 3 times in the winter. Im not sure if it is necessary but it has never harmed them. they are all happily growing. I have the impression professional growers do use fertilizer sometimes (even the coffee method seems to work with nepenthes), but as a less experienced CP grower, I think its better to stay away from them, since it is easy to damage your plants rather than help them.
  11. welcome! Happy growing!
  12. Wow! they are amazing!
  13. Hey Andy, I have succesfully grown dozens of these just in my windowsill. Have you repotted them? Mine turned yellow from root issues or lack of light. Also, they like it warm. Mine are always standing in rainwater, im using just peat for soil. I have them in the south window, and in the summer i just leave them out in the sunshine and they thrive. Maybe any of this is helpful to you?
  14. Welcome ben! I'm looking forward to see more photos like that! I have a ping that just started to come out of hibernation. I caught 4 bugs in a day! doing very well. I'm still new to growing pings, so i'd like to learn more about them.