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  1. it isn’t a fast growing plant... I made two leaf cutting from two identical leaves... one of them was twice faster in growth than other one;-)
  2. Thanks a lot.. feeding them a lot help to see flowers... good luck!;-)
  3. Thanks Gaz! So I think it is 12/15 cm the flower size... when my ones will make flower, I’ll write You!! Please, write me if You have news
  4. Hi! Only a few questions...this year, for the first time, I’ve 3 seedlings of p. Gigantea that I’ve sown 15 months ago... the biggest one is about 6 cm diameter... the 2nd one is about 5... the 3rd is about 3 cm in diameter...when I’ve bought my adult one, she first time bloom when she was about 12 cm large... have You got a different experience? Or have You grown this plant from seed? Please, tell me Yours own experiences;-)
  5. Nepenthes rajah

    I hope too... they seems to me very healty and strong seedlings... good luck!! I wait other photos when they will be bigger
  6. Nepenthes rajah

    Nice looking!!!! Good job
  7. cephalotus follicularis on sale locally

    Hahahaha... I agree with Dimitar
  8. Jurkylius nepenthes

    Beautiful plants!!!! Thanks a lot... I haven’t nepenthes and I’m not an expert in this genus, but these are beautiful plants... Your ampullaria is amazing
  9. Eden Black X Self squatted form JT01

    Very nice plant!!!!!
  10. Janocix's plants

    Great plants!! Thanks for sharing
  11. Pinguicula neo-volcanica

    Sorry, I didn't know it... it's that I love seedgrown plants and surprises from them;-)
  12. Pinguicula neo-volcanica

    Beautiful plants!!! I think You must pollinate them and sowing their seeds to have different clones;-)
  13. Cephalotus follicularis And Hummers Giant

    Don't throw the pot of the hummer!!!! It can boarn again from roots... I hope Your Hummer come again in life and give You a lot of satisfaction!!! Good luck!!!!!
  14. Dionaea"Chicot" evolution

    Amazing red!!!!!