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  1. The plant is really healty! probabily, now it will be a little stressed and it will lose some pitcher... it is a Common thing, due to the travel and the hottest temperatures of august... if You see the plant disidratated (that lose a lot of pitchers) put it in shadow and use higher level of water...but, if You want to be sure, write to cpuk members more expert than me in growing darlingtonia californica;-)
  2. Beautiful plants!!! Darlingtonia is really amazing!!! Good job!!!
  3. Pinguicula Grandifloras never flower

    No! Don't worry!! If You see dew in upper and down side of the leaves, the plants are good;-)
  4. Great photos!!! Beautiful plants!! Thanks: nice to see some beautiful Spanish population!!
  5. River water with Sarras.?

    Honestely, I've watered vft and sundews witn River water... in my opinion it is better than tap water... of course, rain water is the best... river water must be clean, no of citiies rivers;-)
  6. hi from italy!

    Ciao Fabio very nice to meet you here too;-)
  7. Hi! I make a stupid question, I know, but discussing with a friend that grows cephalotus follicularis from years he told me that juvenile pitchers can't eat preys... I think it is not true, because I put a small bug in a juvenile pitcher and when it died I open it.... it seems to me that it had a little liquid inside... Isn't true? If I feed juvenile pitchers, do my small plants grow more fast?
  8. Cleaning off the dust?

    I tried with paintbrush but volcanic dust grain were too small and they didn't go away... yes, in wild they love rainwater and sometimes p. Planifolia and p. Lusitanica are totally submerged by water... but in artificial conditions it is different.. I say that basing on my own growing conditions: I lost a p. Crystallina hirtiflora, a young p. Poldinii, Two chilensis, one Young alpina, one Young gigantea and a lusitanica after an error in wetting them... the center has became brown and the plants died... It could be also because I lived in a hotter place, so it encourage fungous and mould attacks
  9. Cleaning off the dust?

    Hi! Untill 2 weeks ago I lived near the Volcano Etna, in Italy... it makes a lot of vulcanic dust, that cover pinguicula leaves (I had gigantea, gypsicola, Tina, poldinii, corsica, alpina, grandiflora, chilensis, lusitanica e hirtiflora)... there wasn't a method to clean the leaves... water can damnage it because there is the risk of rot...
  10. my plants dionaea96

    Beautiful plants great job!!! dionea Argo88 isn't a registered clone, is a very vigorous and nice plant that I've obtained from seed.... it divides itself very QuickLy... the original plant in only Two years from seed germination has fulled a square pot 18x18...the seeds were bought from ebay;-) please, post the photo of the wall pot with Your Two plants
  11. What type of vft is it?

    Hi! Is it boarn from seed, true? You can't say it is a special clone, so it is a typical one... but, if I'm not wrong, the teeths have a peculiarity... You must wait some months, because the teeth are well made in mature traps... I suggest You to feed Your vft (so it grows more quickly)... it is a nice plant if You are lucky, You can ha e an interesting plant and You can register it;-)
  12. Lack of Pollen

    Ho! I have the some problem with some flowers... Other flowers have produces me only one or two seeds (and I have pollinated them)... Is it possible that The climate too hot make them not produce pollen?
  13. Beautiful flower!! Great job!!! Your plant is happy