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  1. Thanks... So You must give it a lot of hants
  2. Hi! How is doing your Vigorous clumping?
  3. Thanks really a lot!!! very helpful!!!
  4. Can I ask You one thing? How are Your drosera linearis growing conditions? (Light, temperatures, water, winter time)... Is very difficultous To grow?
  5. Great plants!!! Well done
  6. Yes, in long fibre sphagnum (but death) very bad for mee too... They never grew... They have better results in peat with a lot small Quartz sand... I too have 100% germination after 7 months;-)
  7. Hi! I don't have any experience with p. chuquisacensis, but I only want say You a thing: my first attempt to grow p. chilensis was from seed bought from a very known cp nursery, that for me were old. Boarn (after 3 months or more) only two plantlets, that was white and never grow well. Finally they died. Than I bought two wonderful adult plants (thanks a lot to Markus Weldge that sell me them: they were in great form!!!!)... They make me already a lot of flowers. When I sowed the seeds, they germinated after 7-10 days, were all green and grew very quickly. You have more experience than me... Is possible that the very slowly and weaknessgrowth of your seedlings is due to the age of the seeds, and not to the species of pinguicula?
  8. I agree... Now I'm growing them outside, in shadow, covered with the upper part of a buttle without i make a little higer humidity
  9. I also will try it! in my experience, my two adulte plants (now dead) Made 5 flowers each one... They always self pollinated like lusitanica... After flowering The plants has divided: each one Made two divisions, that grew and after about a month flowered... After that here in South Italy the climate is too hot and dry, and they slowly died
  10. Thanks a lot!! Here in south Italy there are never colder temperatures than 4 ir is possible that it is like You Tell!!! I'm agree with You
  11. You have beautiful plants!!!! Can I ask You a question? I've got a lot of seed-grown p. chilensis, boarn fron seeds of my death plants... I'm growing them in peat-sand soil, quite wet... a lot of them tourn yellow-brown the down leaves, than the growing point and die... do you think it is due to the extremely dense soil around the roots? thanks a lot
  12. Thanks a lot!! So i'll propagate them with gemmae
  13. Thanks a lot!!
  14. Hi! It's the first time that I have this kind of sundews... I've 5 occidentalis x pulchella and a very little x carbaroup... An occidentalisxpulchella is starting to make a flower stalk... Is it self fertile? Do I pollinate it or it is like other droseras that do self all? Are this hibrids sterile or can do viable seeds? Pigmy sundews seeds are difficoult to germinate or they are like subtropical sundews... Sorry for too much questions, but I've red a lot of different things about them on internet, so I prefer to ask to people that really grow pigmy sundews
  15. Very nice shape and colour!!! Great plant