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  1. Winter 2017/2018 Darlingtonia sowing

    Good job!!!!
  2. Seed grown Dionaea

    It is always a pleasure for me to see seed grown plants! Thanks!!!
  3. Differentiating between d. Intermedia and d. Anglica

    This time I don’t say You to wait if the boarn again this spring :-D :-D good luck!!!;-)
  4. My Cephalotus

    Bery healty and beautiful plants
  5. Differentiating between d. Intermedia and d. Anglica

    Hi Karsty! Did they disappear in winter? Is possible that the hibernacula had rotten? In my experience I’ve lost d. Rotundifolia only in winter due to the too high humidity
  6. One of my favourite cephs

    wonderful plant
  7. Ping getting bigger leaves

    Good job!!!
  8. Ping getting bigger leaves

    Yes!! Well done!!! Look at if You see a little of glue on the bigger leaves
  9. One of my favourite cephs

    Beautiful plant!!!!!! What clone is it?
  10. Cephalotus 'Eden Black'

    Amazing plants, Dimitar!!! A pleasure to see them!! Thanks
  11. Why do pinguicula leaves curl at the edges?

    I’ve observed a little motion in youngest plants of p. Gigantea leaves too, when the preys are quite big for those leaves... the leaf curl a little around the bug and, if you see it in the night with the help of a light, you can see a very big amount of liquid around the prey.. it seems to be wet... but after that the leaf stay “curled” and don’t return to the original shape, as my temperates pinguiculas do
  12. Should I cut this flower stalk?

    Well done!! The plant is now good looking and You are father too!!!! I think this kind of posts with personal experiences are very useful for other growers!
  13. Do you recommend repotting?

    You can wait a little to repot it... but, for my experience with xventrata, don’t be afraid: it is a very strong hibrid, extremamely vigorous;-)
  14. Question about Pinguicula lusitanica

    Thanks Kisscool
  15. Question about Pinguicula lusitanica

    peraphs a little too much to boarn this spring