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  1. Janocix's plants

    Great plants!! Thanks for sharing
  2. Pinguicula neo-volcanica

    Sorry, I didn't know it... it's that I love seedgrown plants and surprises from them;-)
  3. Pinguicula neo-volcanica

    Beautiful plants!!! I think You must pollinate them and sowing their seeds to have different clones;-)
  4. Cephalotus follicularis And Hummers Giant

    Don't throw the pot of the hummer!!!! It can boarn again from roots... I hope Your Hummer come again in life and give You a lot of satisfaction!!! Good luck!!!!!
  5. Dionaea"Chicot" evolution

    Amazing red!!!!!
  6. Going into dormancy already

    I see it!! yes, Your Tinas are strong and healty... and it is a very vigorous hybrid, excellent to start with pinguiculas
  7. Do juvenile pitchers eat preys?

  8. Going into dormancy already

    Mexican pinguiculas are different... in dry season they are not carnivorous and some of them, in the start or in the end or the winter rest, make the flower stalk;-)
  9. Going into dormancy already

    No, I live in Italy... I've seen your grandiflora's photos, and it is forming the hibernaculum, I'm sure
  10. Going into dormancy already

    P. Tina is another thing... many Mexican pinguiculas produce flower even when they are in winter rosette;-) in my growing conditions they go in dormant rest in november/ december
  11. Going into dormancy already

    I've noticed also in wild that some pinguiculas, after flowers and the end of the annual cycle, go dormant (I see hibernacula in July)... I think that if hibernaculum is sorrounded of gemmae, it is all ok, and it is a strong hibernaculum, ready to survive the colder months... if not, it can be a weaky summer hibernaculum... my p. Vulgaris is now dormant, but some of the gemmae that it has produced are waking up just now;-)
  12. P. gypsicola 1st flower

    Wonderful plant, Gaz!!! You are a great grower!
  13. Macroclinium manabinum

    wonderful bonsai
  14. My pinguicula collection.

    Gaz isn't wrong for me... I also think Your p. Grandiflora has started to make the hibernaculum... it will not produce new leaves and the ones that You see now will dye... it is all ok, don't worry pinguiculas xtina are healty and nice