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  1. You welcome. I just discovered an infestation on a Cadiaeum plant, newly acquired. Probably it came with the mites. I sprayed it and everything else in the room for good measure. I have 2 bottles of this miticide at all times, is the most effective I ever used and I used quite a few over the years. I usually spray every 3 days for 2 weeks. I also spray with neem oil in between just for good measure, you can't overdo it with these hungry monsters.
  2. I use this
  3. Have you tried spraying with water daily? Try getting a powerful hand pump pressure, something like this . Spider mites and other mites can't survive the daily tsunami on them. It's been my experience that getting rid of spider mites from nepenthes is easier than other plants because of the flat leaves. You can also buy a safe miticide, for me a Bayer product seems to work well for carnivorous plants, tho they are more expensive than the usual ones. Good luck and keep updating us on the situation.
  4. this is pretty cool
  5. How cold it gets inside your unheated greenhouse on a regular basis and on extreme low temperatures?
  6. Scuipici


    This should be crossed with Sarracenia "Saurus ". Imagine the resulting monster between these 2 hybrids.
  7. Scuipici

    Solar Fans

    seems like a small fan. Does it do the work or do you need like at least 2 of these for a small/medium greenhouse?
  8. But if trading is allowed and the post office rejects your package, what can they do if you told them that it's perfectly legal and you refuse to not send it. I mean they are required to send it, no?
  9. I think it may secrete acids all the way up to a certain level. Even when my sarracenia are full, the insects from the top are only a husk after a time.
  10. Scuipici

    Nepenthes leaf decay

    3 of my nepenthes, ampullaria, bicalcarata and albomaginata are showing decay on the leaves. Bicalcarata is in the worst shape but it's still alive, it makes a leaf and then it rots. The ampullaria was doing the same but recently the tendril showed signs of decay and I lost it. Now the albomarginata is showing signs also. Had these lowlanders since last summer. The albomarginata was forming pitchers but the lids never opened up. The temp is around 20-23 during day, I keep them on a windowsill and the ventilation is not very great. Could it be some fungus problem? is the temp too low and they are finally giving up? is it a root problem? should i repot? I have a truncata on the same windowsill and it's doing ok. Here are some pictures:
  11. Has anyone used this for carnivorous plans? I have some fungus problems on some drosera and utricularia. It has Trifloxystrobin and tebuconazole. I know that tebuconazole is safe and the sarracenia northwest is using this active ingredient but I don't know about trifloxystrobin and couldn't found anything on it. link to the fungicide
  12. Is this hybrid an intermediate? Also, does anyone have matured pitchers of it?
  13. Scuipici

    Botritis prevention

    Damn, it sounds invincible. It has to be something on the market that can deal with it, maybe there are but it is copper based, or something that is harmful to CP. This sucks.
  14. Scuipici

    Botritis prevention

    isn't sulfur able to treat Botrytis?
  15. Some common species like Drosera spathulata, Utricularia Sandersonii, couple of Capensis cultivars and some other non carnivorous plants, but on those i think i can use regular fungicide. I grow my plants inside the house and I've always had troubles with loosing plants to fungi because of the bad airflow. I'll make a greenhouse this upcoming spring, but until then, I don't want to loose any plants.
  16. Yea, the logo just sticks in your head from the first time you see it and that's a good thing because it's easier for people to recognize it. Also it's the iconic carnivorous plant that everyone knows, even those who are not growing these plants. I disagree with David, there are many topics to be talked about. From species, to cultivars, to growing mediums ( i think we can all agree that peat exploitation is bad for established ecosystems and we need alternatives ), beginner guides, in depth trap mechanism, conservation acts, wild populations etc. there is a lot to be talked about. There's this guy who does the InDefenseOfPlants podcasts and besides the interviews and stuff, he did these hiking audio where he described the plants he met in the wild. He went through a swamp with a boat describing the species and it was really cool but it was all audio, so I suggested to him to take a camera with him and he did so. Now he does the regular podcasts and sometimes he does these videos and is really cool check out his website, he's new but growing. Maybe Odysseus can do something similar, doing podcasts and every now and then a video with a wild colony of carnivorous plants, that would be fantastic.
  17. That's great to hear. I like the colored logo with the green/blue vft. It's simple and not overkill and it looks cool, I really like it.
  18. Scuipici

    Growing CP in cotton

    There might be some problems with this: too wet for some CP, attracts fungi, clumps up on the roots. You can do an experiment with 1 plant and see how it goes but i suspect it might not work.
  19. Mine was nepenthes hybrid "Linda" and a typical VFT ( the vft died because i didn't know how to properly care for it ). The nepenthes Linda survived to this day and has grown pretty large.
  20. Scuipici

    My VFT collection pics

    can you show ruler next to the traps? From this picture they look like half your hand xD
  21. from my experience it's usually 2 days, maximum 3 days.
  22. Scuipici

    How my vft's are doing now!

    Looks good! It's nice to see all traps open, mine don't have traps open more than a day or two, some fly, spider or other insect will get caught, since i keep mine outside.
  23. It's all good, take your time ( can't wait tho )