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  1. Growing CP in cotton

    There might be some problems with this: too wet for some CP, attracts fungi, clumps up on the roots. You can do an experiment with 1 plant and see how it goes but i suspect it might not work.
  2. Mine was nepenthes hybrid "Linda" and a typical VFT ( the vft died because i didn't know how to properly care for it ). The nepenthes Linda survived to this day and has grown pretty large.
  3. Nepenthes leaf decay

    3 of my nepenthes, ampullaria, bicalcarata and albomaginata are showing decay on the leaves. Bicalcarata is in the worst shape but it's still alive, it makes a leaf and then it rots. The ampullaria was doing the same but recently the tendril showed signs of decay and I lost it. Now the albomarginata is showing signs also. Had these lowlanders since last summer. The albomarginata was forming pitchers but the lids never opened up. The temp is around 20-23 during day, I keep them on a windowsill and the ventilation is not very great. Could it be some fungus problem? is the temp too low and they are finally giving up? is it a root problem? should i repot? I have a truncata on the same windowsill and it's doing ok. Here are some pictures:
  4. My VFT collection pics

    can you show ruler next to the traps? From this picture they look like half your hand xD
  5. from my experience it's usually 2 days, maximum 3 days.
  6. How my vft's are doing now!

    Looks good! It's nice to see all traps open, mine don't have traps open more than a day or two, some fly, spider or other insect will get caught, since i keep mine outside.
  7. It's all good, take your time ( can't wait tho )
  8. Sounds good, let us know when you got everything set up, you have my email for sure.
  9. Cp nutrition

    well they do get nutrients from the soil but it's not decent feeding, it's like you eating bread everyday. Sure you can survive with only bread but is not a healthy diet, so you need carrots, onions, meat etc. It's the same with carnivorous plants, that's why they catch bugs, to complete their diet.
  10. Mite treatment

    Had your problem and now I solved it. Buy this "Bayer garden- Borneo" it only kills the young and the eggs. For adult ones, spray with distilled water. You do this every 3 days for 2 weeks and your problem will be gone. Can't tell you how happy I was to finally find a solution for this problem and get rid of spider mites.
  11. How is the progress going? Any update on this?
  12. I think that's the problem. I had droseras and vft struggle to digest the food and it just rot, eventually causing the whole trap to die. Once I fix the air circulation, everything was fine and my plants were able to digest the food properly and react very positive to it.
  13. do you grow them indoors? because i had that problem with some plants, but once i got them outside in good air circulation, that problem went away. In a house, air circulation is pretty bad and if you combine that with humidity, you get yourself a fungi problem.
  14. From my experience, they benefit a lot from insects. That's not a surprise either, after all that's what they evolved to do. I never understood why some people think that all they need is sun, water and the poor nutrient soil. That's not true in my case. I had a sarracenia that was doing ok-ish, but was not fed. As soon as i fed it, it started making bigger traps and even started to flower. So, i'm trying to grow all carnivorous plants outside so they can catch their own food. Even if i had a greenouse, i would let the door open for the insects to go in. As for the plants that are growing indoor, i use bloodworms or random flies i can get my hands on. I guess it depends from plants to plants but insect feeding is an important element for these plants.
  15. Mold in the terrarium?

    Yea the VFT don't look too happy. I would cut the flower stalk on the ones that didn't get to that size. I don't think they can afford a flower stalk at the moment. They need more light for sure and air flow. I would suggest a peat + perlite mix and let it dry slightly before waterings. But you can experiment with sphagnum moss if you want. Since you said growing outside is out of question, I would suggest a setup like this one
  16. Mold in the terrarium?

    I don't think VFT are good for terrarium, I'm not saying you can't make it work but usually it kinda suffers. My first few vft died because i grew them indoors and they died of fungi, lack of air circulation. The light is also very important. If you can't grow them outside then I suggest getting them out of the terrarium, put them under grow lights in a place with some fans for good air circulation. There is no reason to keep them in terrarium since they don't need the humidity, I grow mine outside in full sun scorch heat and they flourish ( ofc the soil is wet, tho i let it dry a little bit before watering again ) The humidity in your terrarium and lack of air circulation is creating the mold. As I mentioned before, my first VFT were grown in a pretty aerated room and they still died to fungi. Once I solved these problems, now my VFT flourish. So yea, get it under good growlight with some fans or smth. Also are they out of dormancy or still in? P.S. Some photos would be useful to see your setup.
  17. Glad to hear about this
  18. My plants-werds

    any practical reason you grow Cephalotus like that? is there any beneficial thing to it? Awesome plants!
  19. Anyone knows a good miticide against spider mites? My drosera spatulata has some spider mites and the miticide that I have burns the plants. If anyone knows a place within EU where I can buy it ( preferably not too expensive) I would appreciate it a lot.
  20. Good miticide in EU

    i think it's the other one, the one who is white-ish with a black spot.
  21. Good miticide in EU

    I'll try that, I'm ordering one bottle and i'm going to try it. Spider mites are my nightmare, I'm starting to have dreams of them killing my entire collection of plants.
  22. Awesome! I'm looking forward for the release day of the podcast :)
  23. Good miticide in EU

    What do I do about the adult ones?
  24. The sarracenia northwest podcast didn't stop but it's only once / month and it's short, like 15-20 min long. They call it podcasts but it's more of an update in my opinion. Here is the latest from this month That said, I would love an actual podcast, it would be a blast. I'm sure other CP growers would love it too. There's one podcast that sometimes talks about CP but it's mostly about all plants, it's called InDefenseOfPlants. If you create a well detailed, well researched podcast, you won a viewer in me :) . As for the poll, I would like to see all of those topics, so I can't vote 1 in particular, since all of them seems of value.
  25. Krzysio's Nepenthes

    oh so not all of it is yours. I thought this was on your property where your house is located.