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  1. n the process of cleaning my sarracenia; I spot these on one of my largest ones........are they eggs? poop? I have no idea. If they are eggs can you all advise of a removal strategy? pull the plant and brush them off then hit with what like neem oil or something?my locale is central VA and this plant has been in my care for about 5 years so whatever it is I am assuming it is local. let me know what you all think?
  2. it would be nice tho.....perhaps the next best thing would be to approach a popular vendor. I can't speak for them but if I was a vendor I would be delighted to host such meetings! They would have an opportunity to build relationships with more enthusiasts without needing to do too much in return....perhaps a table/tent with some specimen cp's available to purchase as well as snack/drink sales I would imagine. Also with that template you can have meetings at different vendor locations to enable you to meet more enthusiast, just a thought.
  3. My opinion is evolution....I believe the leuco's have this trait because it benefits them in regards to where they live. Perhaps the explanation as to why other sarracenia do not have the same traits is they evolved differently or never had/spread the mutation?
  4. Hey, you are helping me out so I am more than willing to wait until it is convenient for you; besides all my plants are dormant so no rush on getting any pics. :) Many Thanks
  5. oh wow! Thanks Aaron! Just let me know when you get the video up and I will be sure to watch and like it!
  6. admittedly I am very new to it all but I am sure you knew that by the question I asked. lol. I have noticed with this new camera that it depends on me for alot of it's adjustment which is something I am not used to. far as entry level camera in question: I was able to get a fully equipped Sony SLTa33L for $192 which left me with $8 to spend to stay in budget. I spent that on a set of macro lenses. It came with a 17-70mm lens and I spent another $20 on a 70-300mm lens. So far only 10% over budget. lol. Far as my level of mastery: so far I have set all the passive camera settings to my liking and have taken pics by manual zoom and focus. I haven't really gotten into post processing yet but it is on my list of things to do as well as shutter, aperture and other manual adjustments.
  7. In regards to post processing and file formats. I recently got a camera that can save images in either jpg, raw or both. Would there be any benefit to saving my pics in a raw format then converting them to jpg in post processing to view online or should I just not mess with it and save the images in a jpg format? My end goal is to display the best possible image via flickr to share online. I am just uncertain if there would be any benefit to using a raw format for that considering the end size of the pic. I know there are most likely some knowledgeable people here on the subject to hopefully point me in the right direction.
  8. good idea. do some experiments and see what works. When I first grew carnivores I used the miracle grow peat from lowes and it worked fine despite being enriched. I say make you a mix and try it. good growing!
  9. It is a Leah Wilkerson: I might make a division although I will have to prepare another pot however; I think if I make a division I will break one of the 2 large divisions into about 5 smaller divisions in order to start a Leah Wilkerson colony!
  10. I already replanted it but definitely worth considering. I want to see it reach it's maximum potential before making a split. Last year was 36 inches but I have prepared a better grow area this year which should yield an additional 2-4h of evening sun. With any luck the extra light might enable it to reach up to 38 inches this year which I haven't ruled out making a reflector for it either. I am also considering making a couple more micro divisions like the one I have later in the year outside of it's peak pitcher production.
  11. far as a visual representation in regards to removing dead foliage here is a link that should demonstrate the point and what I personally prefer to practice. http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/58655-should-i-divide-the-titan/#comment-390318
  12. Update: I went with my gut and made a small division before cleaning and re-planting it.
  13. Just pulled this thing and going to clean it up. It is not my biggest in my collection but it is in my top 3! much as I believe in not messing with my plants, I had no choice in the matter. It started growing into the side of the pot as indicated by the slightly flattened crown. I am thinking of making a very small extremity division; perhaps only a small crown or 2 as a means of preserving the plant JIC something were to happen to it. what are all of your opinions? make a very small division like I wanted? make a large division/break it into halves or thirds? or make no division at all?The beast has only 12 crowns but most of the crowns are quite robust. The pic doesn't do it much justice. It is much bigger in R/L. For those of you that believe a 4 inch pot is sufficient to grow mature sarracenia, I have here exhibit A! lol. It is in an 18inch deep pot and I will most likely move it into a 22inch pot which should in theory allow to further expand it's root system; In case any of you are wondering this is a Leah Wilkerson and an extremely happy one! Let me know what you guys think?
  14. that's odd. is there alot of supplimental lighting? Regardless you should clone it just to be safe.
  15. I haven't tried it but I seen a post where someone built a minibog out of an old bathtub and it seemed pretty neat both aesthetically and functionally. Just a thought.