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  1. WHAT ?????
  2. Hello and Welcome but sorry do not need the fridge
  3. Welcome to the forum
  4. Hello Mr Carnivorous and Wilkommen. You will find as much information as you need on this site. Do not be afraid to ask any question even if it sound silly. Your English is ok do not worry.
  5. I could be interested depending on cost etc
  6. difficult to tell from photo(can you get closer view of trap.
  7. Hi

    Welcome do you have a greenhouse YET .If not you will soon be wanting one .Hobby is addictive and resistance is FUTILE
  8. welcome Deg
  9. i do this also and eventually move on (not very quickly though in my experience)perhaps I have stupid spiders
  10. Hi!

    hello and welcome hope you have deep pockets
  11. resistance is useless
  12. Hello and welcome as others have said Shamrock peat Perlite and Horticultural sand. Although some growers only use peat and perlite for Sarracenia .Martins mix ratio is good starting point.
  13. wonderful looking display
  14. Guy. Sounds like a plan make sure silicone is applied well and allowed to go off properly (donot be in a rush to fill). As Steve said Perlite is fine and would be my choice. Beware of dust from perlite though dampen it first o reduce dust getting on lungs
  15. resistance is useless