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  1. These are like the ones I use
  2. Mine too but not up North in the Midlands
  3. only cut down to under brown they well may be still "food" in the lower pitchers that the plant will still feed on
  4. or use a meat cleaver ?
  5. yes musa tropicanna is another name for Dwarf Cavendish and as manders states not at all hardy
  6. wonderful pings well done
  7. good luck with the seeds I despair of the kids these days no respect for any one or anything I blame the political correctness of our time and lack of discipline at school and home
  8. I think when dormant especially if bare root less trauma in being unpotted and re potted. Having said that I have bought and successfully repotted most times of year
  9. HI William and welcome unfortunately I cant help either but I'm sure someone will regards Jim
  10. welcome -no money -no space regards JIm
  11. does anybody cut them off in the wild?
  12. hello and welcome
  13. nope they feed themselves . If you need to supplement spray with diluted seaweed fert
  14. could be small slugs hatched in recent warm spell (they lay eggs in sphagmum ) so always check late autumn
  15. So how would we know its YOU? By the way I'm retired former design engineer /company director/owner regards Jim