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  1. Hello from North Yorkshire

    welcome to the forum Jeff
  2. Hello from North Yorkshire

    welcome to the forum Jeff
  3. My latest creation...

    interesting .keep us informed on progress
  4. My first cactus

    Well done Phil humidity is prime cause of damping off/rot so be carefull.
  5. Hello all

    welcome to the forum Piker. Where in GB are you ? I would agree the Sara looks like Flava.
  6. How do you over-winter your Cephalotus (in the UK)?

    hi Bluedog. I overwinter mine in a old greenhouse (plants have fleece thrown over them if temp forecast around 2c or less)but since you don't have greenhouse indoors would be best but need adequate ventilation. good luck
  7. Hello from the south coast

    welcome to the forum both
  8. Hi from Dee in rainham

    Welcome and your never to old
  9. Hi from South Yorkshire

    welcome I see the bugs bitten
  10. Hello from CA, USA!

    welcome to the forum Mary
  11. Drosera regia and cephalotus winter Sleep

    i keep mine in a unheated greenhouse all year and yes damp not wet err on the safe side of damp
  12. New bog garden

    i also used a Belfast sink which I planted up last spring. Same peat as above and growth this year as been very good (inc VFT)
  13. Hello from Estonia!

    hello and welcome
  14. Phragmipedium boulay bay

    its wonderful congrats