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  1. Hello

    Hello and welcome off to a good start with the Savage Garden book
  2. how to water a Pinguicula?

    this is correct and should have mentioned it in my earlier post
  3. Forcing Nepenthes to pitcher?

    i can see the photo
  4. how to water a Pinguicula?

    Has you may notice from my avatar that is a ping tina I a plastic (cactus/bulb) bowl
  5. how to water a Pinguicula?

    plastic pots for me but they donot have a deep root system and yes water in trays (I use individual trays but that's my choice ) keep just damp in winter and good luck
  6. Hello from London

    welcome to the forum
  7. Hello!

    Welcome to the forum
  8. Hello!

    Welcome to the forum Margot.Good luck with your vft, Sometimes they look as if drying from a)lack of water or 2)watered with tap water instead of rain water
  9. Dormancy

    Hi Stuart welcome to the forum Stephen answered your query in a nut shell
  10. HI

    Hello Pasquale and welcome
  11. This is important.

    what David was trying to say was a heading of "this is important" should be reserved for things like alerts for pests fungus change in insecticides movement of plants etc. you know something important to everyone ! Your heading would have been more appropriate if it read "Advice for a beginner please"
  12. angle brackets are far cheaper from Screwfix if you have one near you also good for screws and lots of other stuff
  13. Hello

    Hello and welcome I would also like to know what plants you have and which temperate amphibians you used to keep
  14. Flower stalk

    Nobody removes them in Nature . Just an observation.
  15. Green slime in water tray

    Terry no I don't suffer from this .What is the orientation of the greenhouse ? Does it happen on one side more than the other ?