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    Hello everyone, A few pictures of pitchers that have developed over the winter months: N. macrophylla N. edwardsiana: N. peltata N. lowii & N. xtrusmadiensis N. jacquelineae N. spectabilis N. platychila N. mikei N. ephippiata Looking forward to the Spring!! Wiser
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    The sanicat is good stuff too but can be trickier to find, when i've been able to get it I use a bit of both. For my cacti and succulents I'm using a mix of 2:2:1 JI3, cat litter and grit. Of course these are approximate and I vary it depending on which particular plants it's being used for, some mesembs are in almost 100% litter. As an example of what my mix typically looks like I've attached an uncropped pic with a view into the pot. With the cp's its predominantly peat with some perlite, sharp sand and litter again adjusted slightly for different things and so far so good (crosses fingers). Obviously not talking about epiphytic utrics or neps! Apologies for the swerve from purely cp talk, to make up for it.....
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    True Dan the Tesco stuff is fine grained (good for cuttings/leaf pullings etc though) and in my experience to be used in moderation especially where cacti and succulents are concerned but you can also get a larger grained cat litter which, if memory serves me right, is Sanikat Pink Non-Clumping. I got a 30L bag for about £12 from a pet shop in Sheffield recently. I found that the larger grains open the compost up much better than the Tesco version when used for mature plants rather than cuttings.
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    Us in the cactus growing fraternity have been using tescos kitty litter for years and it's great! I've been experimenting with it my cp mixes and it seems to be working well. Of course the grain size is on the small side so it doesn't totally replace perlite etc but rather complements it and reduces the amount of more expensive stuff you have to use.
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    Hi Mark, I called these guys yesterday and they say they no longer produce it! If you hear of another source, do shout! Thanks Nigel
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    Two and a half months in and still doing ok ...... http://s985.photobucket.com/user/breeze1971/media/For sale plants/IMG_1950_zpstt6zmqe3.jpg.html][/URL] http://s985.photobucket.com/user/breeze1971/media/For sale plants/IMG_1951_zpse19kcc9p.jpg.html][/URL]
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    I visited Chester Zoo yesterday and spotted the Bog garden so thought I would share it with those interested in making one. I will take another picture during the year when the plants have grown.