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    I got a bicalcarata not knowing much about it this summer ( young plant ). It seems it really likes warm temperatures, is not doing well in cold, and is not enjoying fluctuations either from my observation. My plant is not doing great, no traps so far but it's putting leaves slowly. I might get traps in 2 months, maybe. I saw some people growing it in a windowsill with heatpads underneat the plant.
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    I use pure sand of river... It (and the young ones) grows well in my conditions... Temperatures: 4-35 C... I grew them outside, in a very luminous position... I cultivate one in southest and hottest part of Italy, and there I don't make it recive direct sunlight, and one in my parents house, in Northern and coolest part of Italy.. Here the plant like very much also summer direct sunlight and tourn its leaves in yellow;-)
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    Well I don't think everyone is leaving for somewhere else. I think the reasons are simple. It's winter so not much is going on and people frequent many CP websites. Myself i browse cpuk, terraforums, sarracenia forums,Flytrap forums, savage garden subreddit and few pages on FB. As for forums vs FB, I find FB lacking. Good to spread news to a larger audience but it sucks for useful info or communicating. Forums are very valuable for me.
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    What is the mix that you are using? Also what is the temp? My ping was doing great for a year until I decided to transplant it in Peat+ perlite. Since then it is struggling. I think the media might be a bit too hard for the roots to make it's way, i plan to transplant it in a peat with more perlite and sand. Here are some photos so you can get an idea of how the plant looks. http://imgur.com/a/K1sUh Also forgot to say, it's not making dew as it used to, it's been like this for the whole of 2016
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    Heliamphora minor Heliamphora collina (Foothills Testigos) Heliamphora glabra (S. Do Sol, Guyana) Heliamphora minor (Auyan Tepui, Venezuela) Heliamphora exappendiculata (Chimanta Tepui)