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    Hi , Just some pictures of droseras in a Bog (Braña in Galician language) located in Northwestern Spain. Drosera Rotundifolia Drosera Intermedia
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    All I can say as a beginner, is that THIS thread has gotten lots more attention and replies than any of the beginner questions being posted that need some actual help. I specifically wanted to join a forum, opposed to the 100's of FaceBook groups I'm on, due to the fact that a Forum has structure, with sections for each part of the hobby, all neatly laid out with it's various topics. This makes browsing a breeze, combined with the search function, and you get alot of answers. FaceBook doesn't have this, and it's like pulling teeth to try find something particular, and usually best to just ask and hope someone with experience answers what you need to know. Same here though, if you have no idea what you're dealing with, you have no grounds to build a search from, thus you have to ask with a pic or two to try be clear of what you're referring to. Yet, you sit and watch reply after reply popping up here, and the various questions are left to gather dust and the person who posted left to go on a Google hunt where information can be even more confusing since every Tom Dick and Harry has an opinion there, which completely conflicts with every other. Cheers, J.P.
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    A selection of plants from my collection, including N. hamata (an unidentified AW clone), S. flava var flava cv Maxima, N x hookeriana, S. flava var rubricorpora 2nd site Sandy Creek Road FL, S. flava var ornata 'Dwarf' Apalachicola FL, S. alata var rubrioperculata Whites Crossing De Soto MS, S. flava var atropupurea Blackwater River State Forest FL (MK-F27c) and S. oreophila var oreophila Clay Co NC
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    Hello Dionée "Jaws smiley's" Dionée "Chicot" Dionée "RMT giant" Dionée "Patches" Dionée "Microdent érected" Dionée "Fangzhane" Dionée "Coquillage" Dionée "Supernova" Dionée "Cross teeth" Dionée "Spiderman" Dionée "Reptile Dionée "Nid de lezard vert" Dionée "Adentate" Dionée "Gigantea"
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    Hi group, Thought you may find this pic interesting of Drosera dielsiana that I took a few years back at The Pinnacle in Mpumalanga South Africa. Regards, Craig Gibbon
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    My understanding of this is that it's the threatening behaviour that results in bans not the rudeness. And, anyway Alexis doesn't make any attack on particular persons just a general observation of potential damaging appearance of the forum. I'm all for healthy discussion but I don't want to see mindless trolling here.
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    It's nothing to with freedom of speech - it had descended into utter drivel. Most forums would have deleted it way before page 2. Don't wire people $1000 without a safety net. Don't buy blue flytrap seeds off or pay £120 for a red darlingtonia on ebay. I'm full of helpful consumer advice.
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    Babies are making some progress...
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    Thanks Heliamphora pulchella (Churi Tepui, Venezuela) Heliamphora huberi (Amuri Tepui, Venezuela) Heliamphora elongata x ionasi Heliamphora nutans Giant Form Heliamphora purpurascens (Ptari Tepui) Heliamphora spec. nov. Angasima Heliamphora neblinae (Avispa, Venezuela) Heliamphora neblinae (Cerro Neblina) Heliamphora minor Heliamphora hybrid? Heliamphora collina (Foothills Testigos) Heliamphora Midoxa Heliamphora glabra (S. Do Sol, Guyana) Heliamphora parva Heliamphora chimantensis (Chimanta Tepui, Venezuela) Heliamphora huberi Giant clone (El Castillo) WSG Heliamphora nutans Heliamphora pulchella (Amuri Tepui, Venezuela) Heliamphora pulchella (Apacapa Tepui, Venezuela) Heliamphora heterodoxa x ionasii Heliamphora spec. Yuruani B
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    This is typical of how some of my spaghnum got started, this was a small tub of peat that had pings in for about a year, its been kept very wet, a few bits of spaghnum just starting to get going.
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    Just a simple comparison of a root-like stem, a leaf-like stem, and a true but transformed leaf (trap) in Utricularia aureomaculata.
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    Hi everyone. As others have said, the HCP open day was fantastic - many great plants on display, and Matt was very welcoming to all the visitors. All my photos from the day are in a gallery on my website, in case anyone's interested: https://www.carnivorousplants.co.uk/blog/gallery-hampshire-carnivorous-plants-open-weekend/ Tom
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    As announced yesterday at the end of the EEE in Leiden, the next EEE will take place in Bonn, Germany. The Botanical Garden of Bonn and the german carnivorous plants society is looking forward to seeing you all in Bonn next year. The date for the meeting will be: Fr. 29.06.2018 - Su. 01.07.2018 More information will follow, for now please just save the date. Please feel free to share the dates in your local carnivorous plants societies! Regards, Christian
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    N. ampullaria Orange Tayeve, Irian Jaya
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    i blame the wife,she bought the first sarracenia for me,------------26 years ago!
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    hi everyone! there is some photos taken at my small CP collection. i hope you like it! Dionaea ARGO88 clone Heliamphora minor x heterodoxa Heliamphora minor "auyan tepui" Drosera capensis and Drosera capensis alba Drosera regia Drosera pulchella 44A red flower Pinguicula corsica "lago di creno" more photos will come soon!
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    One of the Pygmy in flower! Sent from my LG-H440n using Tapatalk
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    Richard, I used the word 'effectively' removed deliberately. It was mentioned that we should only talk about plants on the 'talk about anything' area. Given that there was allready an area that was talk about 'anything plant related' it was either deliberately or through incompetence an attempt to change the nature of that part of the forum. (It wasnt you). Seemed like a typical middle manager - Dilbert - Pointy haired boss type of decision, very annoying at the time.
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    The forum belongs to the CPS now. Richard is the admin and has done exactly the right thing. The forum is to discuss plants, it is not for a mud slinging match, no matter how much one or two people clearly would like it to be. If a crime has been committed the warning has been posted for all to see that a person who sells plants, has possibly been dishonest and that is all we need to see. The ins and outs of who was at fault are for the police to deal with, not a kangaroo court here.
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    Great macro shots! Thanks for sharing.
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    Nepenthes sibuyanensis x Lady Pauline Nepenthes spectabilis x ventricosa Nepenthes ventricosa Nepenthes maxima (dolny i górny dzbanek) Nepenthes maxima Lake Poso Nepenthes Miranda Nepenthes northiana Nepenthes ? Nepenthes robcantleyi
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    Hi Sal If it's a purpurea style pitcher then they do fill with rain naturally so adding some won't do any harm. Most other pitchers have a 'lid' that prevents this as with tall slim pitchers, filling with water would cause them to topple over. Good luck with your new threesome. blocky71
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    Thank you :) Recent cleaning and trimming made me remove some plants from terraria and allowed to reach couple Helis which I rarely give closer look. Here they are: Heliamphora huberi (Amuri Tepui) - AW clone - this little felow is with me for quite some time already, still young and relatively small. I feel though that slower growth, not very huberi-like shape of the pitchers and inner hair which with each leaf are getting longer are sign that we are dealing with a hybrid. There's probably some H. pulchella in it. Time will tell how this plant will develop. Heliamphora uncinata (Amuri Tepui) - AW clone - very pretty clone of H. uncinata, but I'm yet to see here more downward pointing nectar spoons. They will either appear with time or stay this way. If they stay like this then this would mean we deal with the hybrid with H. exappendiculata. Heliamphora nutans (Mt. Roraima) - I have this plant for couple years already and it grows slowly. Still a tiny plant. H. "Tequila" - I forgot to move it away from the sun at some point ;)
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    Strongly drained peat bog near Czarna Dąbrowa (54 ° 07'07.6 "N 17 ° 36'56.2"). Drosera rotundifolia Eriophorum vaginatum
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    I have a 16 acre farm on boggy land, and have some typical VFT's that have been growing outside for over 10 years. The first few years they really struggled but gradually they adapted to the new conditions, after about the 5th year they did as good if not better than the ones in my greenhouse. They now flower and set seed every year without any help from me, I just go by and say hi once or twice a year.
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    Both were just registered mail and took four working days to arrive (for some reason he didn't send either on a Monday, so they both sat at the post office over the weekend doing nothing). Packaged in a big cardboard box, with plastic bags with the plants inside, roots wrapped in moist kitchen roll as you would expect. (Although I was actually surprised he didn't just wrap some of the moss I bought around the roots instead, that would have been so much easier and better for the plants as well.) I also still haven't received a reply, refund or the plant that I paid for. There is no excuse for this, and if I could give Carnivoria a rating it would be zero stars. I'll look into requesting a full refund for one of the orders on PayPal, because this is unacceptable.
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    Thanka Dan, My maxima mini has pitchers max 5-6 cm long and the stem is about 30-35 cm long, then it dies and new basall rosette growing. It is really mini. Tom, the bongso upper pitchers look very nice, but the whole plant looks very poorly - 2 meters of bald stem and at the end two or three pitchers, fortunately the young plants are already growing, so I think it will look better. Only time and a lot of patience
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    This is my 12' greenhouse, the photos where taken on moving in day earlier in the year. I have another 8' section to be added at some point A recent photo of inside Not just the plants that'll bite!
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    Not looking good but at least it looks like a couple of new leaves coming up! I've grown these countless times but always 'lost' them after a year or two. Trying again and tried growing outside as advised by the person who sent me the seeds. So far so good as I've a big pot with now about 10 plants growing. Rarely watered as the rain has been more than enough and they get sun for about 80% of the day. Yours look dry - where do you grow them? Have you had the recent high temperatures? Might be worth considering bigger pots too as I thought I've read they have long roots that go down a long way.
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    Nepenthes ampullaria x spectabilis Nepenthes ampullaria Harlequin Nepenthes ampullaria Red Speckled Nepenthes ampullaria Williams Red x Harlequin Nepenthes ampullaria Green Nepenthes ampullaria Green (Tayeve, Irian Jaya) Nepenthes ampullaria Bronze (Nab ire, Papua) Nepenthes ampullaria Lime Twist Nepenthes sibuyanensis x aristolochioides
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    Hi! I make a stupid question, I know, but discussing with a friend that grows cephalotus follicularis from years he told me that juvenile pitchers can't eat preys... I think it is not true, because I put a small bug in a juvenile pitcher and when it died I open it.... it seems to me that it had a little liquid inside... Isn't true? If I feed juvenile pitchers, do my small plants grow more fast?
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    The newcomers have said what REALLY needed to be said on this topic. This is a forum about growing our beloved CPs. People come here to look for advice. I remember being SO grateful to CPUK when I got back into growing them and I miss the community spirit that we have had in the past and can continue to have in the future. I'm deeply saddened that we have lost @Alexis as a moderator over this whole business but agree entirely with what Alexis said. This topic needs to be moderated and shut down. It's unhealthy and unproductive. If anyone's not happy with my decision then apparently www.facebook.com can come in handy.
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    Perfect! Thanks a lot, see you this week end ;) Aurélien
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    I think part of the problem, at least the way i see it, is some of us really don't want to see the nature of the forum changed and the recent attemp to effectively remove the 'talk about anything' part of the forum has made some of us a bit overly sensitive to such issues.
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    Your sphagnum looks amazingly good Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
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    It's all good, take your time ( can't wait tho )
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    Krasne Lake (Nature Reserve near the village Lipczynek, NW Poland) Drosera intermedia Drosera intermedia and Lycopodiella inundata
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    This is what three months of growth looks like. First picture taken on day of planting: Darlingtonia in a white pot with peat/perlite, and some Sphagnum heads on top of it, pressed into the peat. The pot has no drainage holes, hoping to keep it wet easily. The Sphagnum loves it, and I hope the Cobra loves it too. May 13th 2017 August 4th, 2017 I try to keep the cobra above the moss, if needed I'll pull out some of the moss but for now I just push it back from time to time.
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    @ada forum rules were broken. We can't have people publishing other people's addresses every time someone makes a complaint. We grow plants, not breed vigilantes.
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    A few photos to hopefully brighten up another wet day.
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    Hey Cleber Welcome aboard!
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    Hello , I'm Wasan , I'm a new member of CPUK. Last November I went to the top of the waterfall in Ubon-Ratchathani province, Thailand. I found Utricularia bifiba and U. delphinioides Drosera Indica Sorry if I call them wrong name Enjoy!! Wasan
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    Good result then. I don't usually cut dying traps off till the whole leaf's black & dried. btw, I don't know how much gardening you do but in earlier post when I said "gravel" tray I was referring to seed trays without holes not a tray with gravel in the bottom although I guess that would work too. Keep up the good work
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    This auction seems to have flopped, thanks to Photobucket being so (un)helpful. Feel free to disregard my bid and start the whole thing over again once the photo situation has been sorted. Guy
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    I really wonder when this Polish seller will stop stealing other people's pics and cheating the buyers on eBay. This time he stole pic of "Vigorous Clumping" of Paul Barden's and tries to present it again as " Big Boy ".... Here is the opriginal pic of "Vigorous Clumping " when u can find it in Photofinder....http://cpphotofinder.com/cephalotus-vigorous-clumping-2015.html