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    Being repotted in orchid pot...
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    Heliamphora neblinae (Avispa Tepui) x sp. Angasima SEEDS
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    Saturday is the day the plants starting getting some sunshine hooray summer starts at last
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    In my experience, only with ventrata, is very useful to help plant producing pitchers to plant a stake to sustaine the plant in the pot (like with a tomato’s plant)... a lot of plants of garden centers are sold in hanging baskets without stakes, and the plants don’t make pitchers... another thing... my nepenthes x ventrata never made pitchers in winter... only when there are long days (hours of light) they make pitchers... to my friend that grows them with artificial lights and temperature control they make pitchers all around the year;-)
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    hanks, that is great. As these things go, 2 days after starting this thread I noticed one of the tendrils had thickened up and developed a 'felty' texture; it now has a 1cm proto-pitcher on the end and a second tendril seems to be doing the same. The other plant is getting very long though; is is worth cutting it back to encourage more base growth? It seems to quite like being in the bathroom; humid, west facing and with slightly textured window glass cutting the worst glare. maybe it was the threat of the greenhouse that made it buck up its ideas.
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    Just to say, I saved one of my vft. Small plant was bought from a hardware store and deteriated very quickly with a rotten bulb. Removed bulb and washed and cut away all blackness just leaving whatever white was left. Couple of weeks layer and a new leaf has started emerging. Go team me
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    Just been to Aldi and they have 210 litre waterbutts for £19.99 if anyone's interested.
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    Nice picture Plantsman89
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    I don't have as many orchids as I used to, but I plan to hang on to this one for as long as possible!
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    First time this azalea has flowered in 3 years. It's so pretty! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Very nice. I've been wanting to get one of these, or the Fredclarkeara 'After Dark', but they're usually quite expensive.
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    Update 05 I took the photos on April 12 in 2018. The germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds (stored for 5 years in refrigerator) The germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds (stored for 5 years in refrigerator) The germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds (stored for 5 years in refrigerator)
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    Konnichiwa! I took the photo on March 06 in 2018. After I took the above photo, I sowed these seeds. It seems the old seedlings have the strength to push through their seed husk. I took the following photos on April 12 in 2018. The germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds (stored for 5 years in refrigerator) The germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds (stored for 5 years in refrigerator) The germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds (stored for 5 years in refrigerator) Though I don't understand the conditions for the appropriate storage of the Nepenthes seeds, it seems viability among Nepenthes seeds is a lot longer than what we may think and have/may read, as N_CloudySkies-san said on TF (page 4). Kind regards from the Far East
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    Hi folks, I noticed there were no great, modern websites for carnivorous plant hobbyists and beginners. -At least nothing with a responsive, easily navigable design. So, I built the Carnivorous Plant Resource - something that I would use and that I hope becomes a valuable tool for the community. It's a mix of a plant database, Carnivorous Plant Society calendar of events, and blog resource. Looking for your feedback and info contributors to flush out the database! Cheers, and happy growing!
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    Keith those Drosera seedlings have kicked me up the backside, they look great and you must be well pleased with them :) Thanks for posting them, I have a few different capensis types to sow so I will get those going after seeing those and feeling some sun yesterday. Speaking of which... we have some showing! Nothing moving yesterday morning but put the covers down about 8pm and loads had cracked and you could see the root heading into the peat, this morning saw the first with two seed leaves showing! This is the first here so it has been marked lol and will be kept whatever it looks like but it is one from Chris Crows open pollenated seeds so could be anything. Just totally buzzing with that, been waiting a while for some to say hello and look forward to seeing what develops, will take a photo over the weekend. Plant wise with the Sarracinias there is around 50 of them about the place now, have a couple of dozen on the window sills mainly from Mike that turned up in the snow and they looked further ahead then the residents of my poly so have been indoors since late Feb. Because of this the first flowers have been shown a paint brush and the first traps are open. The poly is also waking up and also has a few flowers and traps showing, VFTs awake as well so we have a lot to look forward too :)
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    It's possible all of these leaves are from before it went in hibernation, so none of them will be functional anymore and you'll have to wait a bit longer for new leaves. It seems like there are already some new leaves but they're deformed, is it getting enough light and water? Are there any aphids on the leaves? Also, keep in mind that you should really only feed a Dionaea with live insects. The hairs on the insides of the leaves need to be triggered multiple times when the leaf's already closed for the plant to recognise it's food and not just debris that accidentally triggered the hairs. I'm also not sure if it's even able to digest earthworms.
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    Any sign of movement yet Dean?? I have four boxes of Sarras springing to life. Most of the Sarra plants are sending up flower stalks. I also have a lot of tiny Drosera seedlings coming on (they really are the most picturesque little plants), incredibly graceful and very deadly. also
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    It's a good year for the plants, lots of sun here.
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    That process is called scarification: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scarification_(botany) It is done to help germination, in particular to seeds that have a hard coat or that are inhibited from germinating until it goes through an animal's digestive tract or suffers some physical damage. For that some seeds are quickly submerged in acid or polished to remove its protection. I did it a few times with citrus seeds (removing the peel), but never seen it being done to carnivorous plant seeds before.
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    Ill share my experience with canivoria, the first time i ordered i had to wait 3months to get my plants, communication was probably the worst, he sometimes takes weeks to months to even reply my email. After months my parcel finally was sent, and he sent me some bonus plants, all the plants i received was in multiple quantities or quadriples, not what i was expecting, dionaeas was pretty small just as described. I was extremely satisfied in my first order so i proceeded to make a 2nd order months ago. Even till today all the plants are doing well. This time my 2nd order David was quick to reply, emails took within hours which was not i expected, though he said he would sent the plant on this particular date, he did not and i had to kept email and asking him when he would sent the parcel. For this order i made sure to use expressmail like my last order, to prevent casualties and to receive healthy plants. The parcel was sent from 28 , i received it 6days later which was about the same as before my first order. Finally after a very exciting 1 and a half month wait i finally got my parcel, i made huge order as i was expecting just as great plants as my first order. Parcel arrived and i quickly tore open the parcel, opened up and saw the plants, all my pinguicula have rot except for 1 species, i ordered over 10 species, over half of my droseras have rotted, dionaea arrived and most was alive but the most expensive cultivar arrived black. I was expecting 2 dionaeas since the first order i made all came with 2 small plants, however this time it was just 1 of each, fine i guess since it was stated however it wasnt consistent or perhaps it was just my wishful thinking of receiving 2. I was told to get bonus plants but got non , i was missing 2 plants as well. David's reply to this was his bonus plant was some pinguiculas and dionaea, which isnt the case since they are the plants i ordered, i guess he got confused or forgotten because i made an order over 20 plants...Non of the plants look as healthy as the first time, now 3 of the dionaeas which is a total of 100euros are dying, the only healthy plant the arrived was pinguicula alpina and couple dionaeas. I cant blame David for this as well as it could be my countries weather being warm and the plants may not have liked the sudden increase in temps since its spring in czech and i live in the tropics... After day 1, pinguicula alpina, the sole survival or ping looks good, 4 of the dionaeas worth 130euro, dead. This is so saddening, i paid 400euros but only 4 plants out of over 20 arrived was healthy, dionaea fire mouth, dionaea little darling and pinguicula alpina, drosera ordensis, im guessing the rest of the plants who arrived looking bad but did not will die in also rot in couple days as well. I emailed David regarding this immediately, he replied to ask for more photo evidence and plants that arrived dead and would refund, so i did email him now i am waiting for his response. Edit: David said he would refund the money, but i chose to have him resend the plant during the summer, like before. He seems like quite a trustworthy dealer atleast for me, cant say the same for everyone else as there are couple negative feeds above, just that he is forgetful, or that he is dealing with too many customers all by himself.
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    Some of pic from 2017 season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Heres my biggest peruvianum plant, im just getting around to adding some crushed limestone especially to the macrophyllum which has never been as good a grower as the peruvianum.
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    Hello, we have been busy in the last weeks with organizing the coming in EEE. We are happy to tell you, that you can register from now on. Here are some more informations about it: We have added some more pages to the section about the EEE on the homepage of the German carnivorous plants society (http://www.carnivoren.org). There is a section called "EEE" on the menu on top. There you can find the following information: Program : https://www.carnivoren.org/eee/event/ Excursion : https://www.carnivoren.org/eee/excursion/ Lectures : https://www.carnivoren.org/eee/lectures/ List of hotels : https://www.carnivoren.org/eee/hotels/ The lectures are not yet complete and will be added soon. There may also be some changes in the times of the lectures. We are working on getting this ready and hope to be able to add it in a week or two. Registration for the EEE is 10€. If you want to go to the dinner, this will be 35€ (drinks extra), the trip to the Wahner Heide on Sunday will be 10€. You can pay either by PayPal or direct bank transfer. Whenever possible, please transfer the money to our bank account, as this is a bit easier for us. Attention: the entrance into the botanical garden won't be free with your membership card! Only those who register for the EEE will get free entrance into the botanical gardens for the time of the EEE. the annual general meeting of the GFP will take place at the lecture room in the Nussallee. That's not inside the botanical garden, so every GFP-Member can go there for free. the registration for the dinner on Saturday ends on June, 10th 2018!! only 55 people can participate on the trip to the Wahner Heide. This will be strictly first come, first served. Participation on one of the dinners (Friday or Saturday) or the excursion is only possible if you register for the EEE If you want to sell plants, just click the option in the registration form. You will than receive further information from us. You can register by clicking on the following link: Registration If you have any question, please let us know by sending an email to eee@carnivoren.org Regards, Christian, Alexander und Marcus
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    Hi Steve and welcome. You have joined a great bunch of people with a knowledge base that will be able to answer almost anything’s no you need to know on CPs and Keith is right it becomes very addictive. cheers steve
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    Welcome Steve. Hope you have plenty of room....these plants are addictive. I started with two.....now 2 greenhouses ain't enough . Very helpful people here, always willing to give advice and info. I sowed my Drosera directly on top of wet spag.(kept wet via the tray method)..currently about 50% have germinated well...and also a mixed packet.
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    I have been filling my trays for about three weeks now ,(somerset) as my plants have started waking up and sending up flowers ,as for them freezing solid ,that has happened to mine a few times over the last few winters and they just shrug it off . Just thought that i would add that even through the winter i keep about a half inch of water in my trays ,when that is gone i top it up again .
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    Well, I hope they pronounce it properly (as you may have guessed I'm a fan of the open source OS).
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    This is one of my Cephalotus "Big Boy". It has been growing in Tesco Low Dust Lightweight Cat Litter for a few years. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
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    Not much in Amsterdam itself. Flowermarket near Munt has regularly nice plants for sale. For living collection quality you would need to go to Leiden. Something like 40 minutes by train and than 10 minute walk or public transport for a couple of stops. The Botanical gardens (Hortus botanicus) have a great collection of especially Nepenthes. Good antplant collection too.
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    I've had this plant a few years, growing it in an unheated greenhouse and bringing it inside in the winter to avoid freezing temperatures thinking I was doing it a favour. It grew and grew, but never flowered. This winter it got forgotten about and took a tough frost. The leaves died, and I rushed it back inside and hoped that it might recover. You can see the old dead leaves still there. It looks as though the cold shock was beneficial, as it has given me a fantastic display. It has been growing on a windowsill, hence the rather odd inflorescence shapes. IMG_3674 by tom_499, on Flickr IMG_3684 by tom_499, on Flickr IMG_3678 by tom_499, on Flickr
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    Heliamphora ionasii Heavily Red Striped Heliamphora nutans Heliamphora hybrid
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    Heliamphora Midoxa Heliamphora huberi (Akopan Tepui) Heliamphora parva (Cerro Neblina) Heliamphora neblinae (Avispa, Venezuela) Heliamphora neblinae (Cerro Neblina, Brazil, Venezuela) Utricularia longifolia
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    Hey guys, here are two of my Dionaea seedlings. Note: Since the plants are not even two years old, the characteristics can still vary. The first one is a seedling from 2015. It’s non-carnivore and the teeth are similar to D.m. ‘Werewolf‘. It’s also variegated on some traps. The second one is a seedling from 2015 too. It's non-carnivore and the teeth are similar to ‘Werewolf‘ too. The traps of the plant have a very nice shape. I will show you here some more seed grown Dionaea in the next weeks. Regards Tobias
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    A third seedling has now flowered. Different again. edit - P. x "Zarquon" So far, the three flowering seedlings together. Two left to go. edit - from left to right, P. x "Zarniwoop", P. x "Zem", P. x "Zarquon"