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  2. These days I rely on nature and let my plants do there own thing, it helps that my plants are in greenhouses and not indoors like yours are of course. I do add orchid fertilizer to my Ping's water occasionally and this seems to have given them a boost over non-fertilised plants. I occasionally drop the odd ant into my Cephs but I can't say that it makes them grow any better. In the past I bought crickets from reptile suppliers for a couple of Neps I had at the time, it wasn't very successful but my wife's chickens loved them. I've tried fish flakes on Drosera but always found it went mouldy, and bloodworm didn't help my plants but I probably didn't stick with them for long enough to give a very scientific opinion. A couple of things I found best avoided was caterpillars and spiders in VFTs as it invariably rotted the traps.
  3. I tried the maxsea,seaweed and also the growmore slow release pellets in the compost(only two or three pellets per pot) over the years,and I can't say l really noticed much difference as I didn't Give them any last year and they seem to do just aswell but they all get plenty of flies drawn in to the greenhouse with bait early in the growing season
  4. Yea the VFT don't look too happy. I would cut the flower stalk on the ones that didn't get to that size. I don't think they can afford a flower stalk at the moment. They need more light for sure and air flow. I would suggest a peat + perlite mix and let it dry slightly before waterings. But you can experiment with sphagnum moss if you want. Since you said growing outside is out of question, I would suggest a setup like this one
  5. Thanks for the reply! It still gets down to about -15 degrees Celsius here at night, it'll be another 2 to 3 months for nights to average about -5 Celsius which is basically our spring season. We do have sarracenia purpurea, the closest place to where I live is four or more hours to the east, but roughly the same latitude. I don't know much about them, I had no idea they were even in this province until I googled them! We have sundew plants both further north and further south of where I live. Should I be conditioning my VFTs more to the climate those plants live in? Thank you for getting back to me! Two out of eight plants are out of dormancy, I've one plant that's got a few flowers about to bloom, another plant is growing the flower stem. The other six plants seem to be coming out of dormancy. I have a big growth light setup in the basement for starting garden plants in the spring so I'll negotiate them out of their terrariums and get them under that light. I have tried to grow them in pots but they only last about a year at most. It sounds like there's a sweet spot for growing conditions I haven't pin pointed yet, I will do some experimenting. Thank you so much for your help! This is one picture I managed to shrink enough to fit, this is one of two terrariums. I can upload more if you'd like.
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  7. And to think I started off years ago with a parrafin heater...
  8. They are probably looking if something is inside. I have seen this in the garden. In my case it were Paridae, the traps looked empty to me. This ripping around the holes is an indicator mice nibble more. Slugs never rip and the edges are smoother. The first one could have been a slug. The other ones only if the slug had a sledgehammer or a crowbar.
  9. Yes, indeed ;) Thanks for your kind words!
  10. Amazing pics and I guess the expedition was more than a success
  11. Welcome to the CPUK
  12. Welcome to the CPUK
  13. Hello I'd like to share some pictures taken during my recent Akopan Tepui expedition. Hope you'll enjoy them! H. sp. Akopan x pulchella. These are some of the first high-resolution photos of this hybrid available publicly: H. pulchella H. huberi More albums coming soon! Cheers, Mateusz
  14. Supposedly -15C, the efficiency will probably drop off a bit by then. There are some videos on utube with these working at -10 or lower and not pulling a huge current. I need a few cold nights to properly test it, but we only get to -4C once a year at most here (2010 excepted!!).
  15. I feed my plants and I observe that If You do it they grows better and stronger and flower soon (expecially droseras, pinguiculas and cephalotus, but also dionaeas and heliamphoras)... I've tried with fish food, but it often make moulds on The leaves... So I prefer To catch ants, fungus gnat, drosophilae and, for dioneas, flies and butterflies
  16. Thank you all for your help :)
  17. There is some time birds inside the greenhouse, i have the Doors open most of the time. But why should a bird do this?
  18. Its a mouse from the way the marks look. A bird is also possible, but in a greenhouse?
  19. Certainly looks like the future. What is the minimum temperature that it can still extract heat from the air?
  20. Had been thinking about this for literally years, admittedly its a bit of an experiment, albeit a potentially expensive one. All being well it should payback in 2-3 years. I'm quite happily setting higher temperatures and not worrying about leccy bills. there are a couple of limitations, can only set either 10C or 16C+ as a minimum. I think there is a way around this though. Also theres some electronics inside the indoor unit, so getting it wet wouldnt be a good idea. Anyway, if i can go for three years without breaking it (and parts are warranted for that period) it will have covered the cost of it!
  21. Its still to early here Aymeric,and cold,i think its the same for denmark
  22. When using something new I always test it out on a sacrificial sundew just to make sure , but then I always have loads of spares normally where they shouldn't be growing
  23. I have already seen new holes drilled in my pots.
  24. Tried this and aquarium sand for my pygmy drosera, and the plants in the pool filter sand are doing great so far, I've also planted some sarracenia in this sand to see how they do this summer. Might be difficult to see, but the pot on the right has the pool filter sand. In that pot the plants are way healthier, lots of new growth etc. and in the other pot (with gemmae that were planted 3 weeks earlier) the plants haven't even made a carnivorous leaf yet. The pot on the right also has less algae. (Sorry for the bad picture, quickly took it with my phone) I never tested the sand (simply forgot) and so far it seems to be fine.
  25. surprising where they can hide and how active they can be in greenhouses
  26. I would say Slugs as I'm having the same problem and caught one in the act yesterday
  27. Do you have any way to test pH? Add some sand to a jar with whatever water source you will be using for the plants. Test the water first. Then test the water again 24hrs after the sand has been added. Corky has a good suggestion, but I believe white vinegar is too weak of an acid to judge the potential pH of sand.
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