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  2. Yes that is right. On Friday will be no plant sale. This starts on Saturday morning.
  3. My heliamphoras

    Heliamphora heterodoxa x ionasii Heliamphora spec. nov. Angasima Heliamphora folliculata Stout form (Murosipan Meadow) Heliamphora parva (Cerro Neblina)
  4. Hi all

    Their awesome Sent from my SM-P550 using Tapatalk
  5. Hi all

    I love them Sent from my SM-P550 using Tapatalk
  6. Plantsman89's Plants

    S. minor var okefenokeensis N. spathulata x veitchii
  7. My Nepenthes are dying...

    any updates?
  8. Nepenthes rajah

  9. Thank you for the pic and the Information. I am pretty sure that your plant has sunburn. If I am right, this is an alata hybrid (I would be more sure if I could see a picture from a pitcher). If this is the case, the 50 °F overnight should be tolerated. My alata has no problem to manage this temperatures. Shadow your plant and extend the direct sunlight duration day by day. You could use some greenish transparent foliage from the gardening store. This will also stabilize the temperatures a bit. As an examle:
  10. 50º Fahrenheit, I suppose? According to my calculator, that's only 10ºC. If this is not a species which naturally grows in colder conditions on higher altitudes, it's certainly suffering from the low temperatures. Either way, if the daytime temperatures aren't significantly higher than that, it's going to suffer no matter the species. Add to that the sudden extra of a lot of direct sunlight, and you're guaranteed to run into problems like these. Worst case scenario, it started blooming as a last-ditch effort to spread its seeds - although it's most likely just a coincidence, and the plant will survive.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Sorry for the long time to reply. I can’t say what species my nephenthes is honestly. I got it from pikes and the only information that was given was “nepenthes.” The temp has been well above the 50s both day and night. It is now getting about 6-8 hours of direct sun a day and it’s only been about for 2 days now. The leaves are just worrying me because they aren’t looking very green like a tropical plant as they have always seemed in the past.
  13. It would be supportive, if you could post some photos. :) What species of Nepenthes is it? What temperatures do you have now (day and night)?
  14. Last week
  15. I have a very large nephenthes that I have been taking care of since last year. To survive the cold winter I took it inside to a sunroom. Since it has started warming up I went ahead and put it outside and to my joy it has begun to blossom! One thing that worries me though is I realized a good handful of the leaves are getting ever so slightly brown and frail. It’s not on all of them but definitely on parts farthest away from the base. I only gave my nephenthes a few meal worms over the winter out of both testing and because I felt it needed something to eat. Do you think it’s turning brown because of the lack of bugs I have fed it or because of the sudden introduction to unfiltered sunlight? Thanks for reading. Any solace/instruction appreciated.
  16. Thank you for all information you've provided so far, Christian. But to make sure, are you 100% certain that there won't be any plants sales on Friday (the first day of EEE, just like last year)?
  17. Just repotted VFT's in coir.

    Great, thanks for the info. I’ll give it a go.
  18. Searching members names

    If you're just looking for someone and remember their name, you can use 'Member Search' on the search page:
  19. I have tried to grow my venus fly trap seeds several times and and each time they grow mold on them before they even sprout. What is going on? I have good luck with growing most drosera....but dionea is eluding me. Should I apart them with neem so no mold grows?

  20. Just repotted VFT's in coir.

    I get my coir from Garden Direct, through the post, the postage is not expensive. I bought my last lot from their nursery near Welwyn Garden City, but that is miles from you. I usually buy 8 bricks at a time. Make sure you get unfertilized bricks. You can tell because the fertilized ones have green flecks in them. There are other suppliers but I have used Garden Direct in the past and find it reliable. You don't have to soak it before use. It is free of salt. The bricks are dried and compressed and you put them with water for a while. They just swell up and each brick makes about a washing up bowl of damp coir. I think that the address for mail order is near Nazeing, Herts, but I am not sure. Just do a search for Garden Direct on Google. The more bricks you buy, the cheaper it gets.
  21. Granite Grit

    The size is 6mm which is probably slightly larger than I was looking for but to be honest isn't too bad. It was either use it at this size or get the lump hammer out so I decided to stick with it Dave
  22. Westland peat moss

    I’ve been doing more research on Westland peat moss and came across an old CPUK post from 2009. The 18th post by JimsPlants was very interesting.
  23. Just repotted VFT's in coir.

    Hi David. What brand of coir are you using? I’m keen to try coir but have been put off by warnings that some coir contains salt. Did you have to rinse your coir to remove any salt before using it? would love to know how your plants get on.
  24. Hello, i am happy to let you know, that we have put a section about the EEE online. You can find it on the homepage of our society: Homepage of the GFP There is an item called "EEE" where you can find some information about the EEE: So far there is a list of Hotels in Bonn as well as the programm online. We will hopefully update the lectures soon. We also hope to be able to start with the registration in some weeks. More information will follow. If there are any changes i will let you know via this thread. Regards, Christian
  25. Searching members names

    Pity as it's useful to see if a person is active still or not! Oh well that's progress!
  26. Searching members names

    i think they have done away with it bill
  27. Searching members names

    Can you still search for particular members? In the old days there was a alphabetical list that you could click on. Can't find that or am I looking in the wrong place? cheers bill
  28. Hi guys

    Hello David Welcome to the forum.
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