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  2. Carnivine

    Hello from the midlands

    Welcome to CPUK Omako.
  3. Carnivine

    Hello from Cornwall

    Do you have any contact details for John Jerrard?
  4. Carnivine

    Open day, 13th of October, 2018, 9 to 2.30 pm

    Hoping to get over. 2.30pm is an early finish so hopefully will be there before lunchtime.
  5. Petr

    Growing (highland) Nepenthes in the windowsill

    Hello, I tried also some nepenthes on windowsill. Some hybrids: izumiae x truncata, maxima x xtrusmadiensis and some pure ones: truncata, ventricosa. All the plants were growing very nice during the summer and during the winter it was even better becasue of lower temperature. I think the plants were more sensitive on light and temperature than the humidity. It took some time for aclimatization, but finally the light and temprerature was the key issue. Can you please share, how is your hamata doing?
  6. Keith

    Forum problems

    Good ol' Phil. Thanks for all your efforts to all.
  7. Nice one, cheers. I've worked at a plant nursery before and it was a boring job faffing around getting the stuff out of thousands of potted plants. But it had to be done to limit the chance of it suffocating stock plants and saving dispatch a job when sending them out on delivery. Yeah I've been considering for a while this year of taking everything out to replace the old peat moss with fresh stuff and swap one or two of the Sarracenia with new plants that I've got this year. This could be a perfect opportunity to clean all the liverwort out whilst I'm at it. I've seen some articles on controlling this liverwort by using diluted white vinegar and would like to ask for future reference if this would work? Mike
  8. bilou68

    Sowing Sarracenia Leucophylla

    Always impressive
  9. billynomates666

    Pitcher plants in pond

    My pond (fish heavy) has a TDS of 200+ so would be totally unsuitable, but other ponds may be OK. test the water before you make a final decision. Cheers Steve
  10. Maciej Stelmach

    Forum problems

    Yes, the speed is great now. Thank you very much for fixing it!!!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Guy

    Forum problems

    Well done, that treasurer! It's going even faster than it used to--I think! Guy
  13. jasperD

    'Crippled' Dionea

    Did you search for aphids or other critters? The damage looks a bit like the damage aphids are causing on my dionaea.
  14. Richard Bunn

    Forum problems

    I've our Treasurer Phil Wilson to thank for the improved speed. I wasn't getting anywhere with the hosting company regarding the speed issue so he went in heavy on them and they moved the thing to a faster server at no extra cost. It pays to be a grumpy fella in charge of the purse strings!
  15. Hi the CPS End Of Season Meeting is being held at Winterbourne Gardens in Birmingham at 1pm on Saturday 22nd September. The meeting is open to both members and non members but entry to the gardens is free only to CPS members on presentation of your membership card. Chris Crow will have a wide selection of CPs available. If you have spare plants please bring them along. Apart from Society business there will be a talk by Steve Cottell on what is involved in setting up the Society's stand at the Chelsea Flower Show and two or threee talks that were given at gthe ICPS Conference at Kew Gardens. Refreshments will be provided. cheers Dennis
  16. Crocodile

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    So it's not stable and nothing special. Maybe next time, wait and see if a plant is stable before you give it a name.
  17. Tomaso Boroni

    'Crippled' Dionea

    Dear Pirks That is an interesting point. They didn't have moss when they came but all of the pots are full of it now. I left it because I always thought of it as being 'natural' and looking nice to boot. But I will remove it and see what happens. Many thanks for the tip. Tomaso
  18. Last week
  19. picol

    Forum problems

    Now it's faster for me too, thank you Richard for everything you did!
  20. With a move due within next 4-6 weeks I shall be buying a bigger greenhouse for my ever expanding CP collection, and want to move the Nepenthes out of the terrariums and into the greenhouse. So they have more space to grow and vine. I have lighting and regulating humidity sorted but the heating has me stumped. Any help regarding what to use and hints and tips of making a success of it would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Argo88

    Growing (highland) Nepenthes in the windowsill

    Hi! Can You post any photos of Your plants? Have they developed good pitchers? I’m very interested in Your experience, thanks... please, tell me another thing: does Your nepenthes keep direct sunlight? And what is Your window exposition (North facing, South, West or East)? thanks
  22. Guy

    Forum problems

    Going like the clappers at the moment! Let's hope it lasts. Guy
  23. Dunc

    Forum problems

    Seems to be a lot quicker this morning!
  24. pirks

    foliar fertilizer for Darlingtonia seedlings

    We don't have availability to get hold of maxsea here in the UK. Has anybody done a side by side comparison?
  25. That's the same for small sundews. Even the hibernaculum-forming species can suffer from liverwort when they are dormant. You can mecanically pull out the thalli but that's terribly difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate it.
  26. Thanks Dunc The best way forward is probably to get a hollow tube laid into the concrete base at the back and leading to the outside. This will give me the option of feeding a cable in for a heater if I decide to go for it at a later date. Guy
  27. Thanks kisscool. What about Drosera? This kind of explains why not so many of the P. grandiflora seedlings that had germinated last year may not of come through this year. Is there a way of controlling the liverwort?
  28. I did not had any problem with the Sarracenia. However, it can very dangerous for Pinguicula.
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